What have you loved/hated curriculum this year?

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    All About Spelling Level 1

    Singapore Math

    CTC Math



    *We switched to Brave Writer Jot it Down/Partnership Writing.


    Oh no—we’re starting Write Shop tomorrow!  😊 Maybe we’ll have a better experience.  😂 I feel like we’re not using a lot of actual curriculum this year—we’re sort of hodgepodging things together from a lot of different sources.

    Love: SCM Enrichment (Of course), Flip Flop Spanish, Delightful Reading, Apologia’s Health and Nutrition, Masterbook’s Simply K

    Hate: Masterbook’s Worldview’s in Conflict and Great Christian Classics—I think Great Christian Classics would be great for an interested, advanced reader.


    I think we hated WriteShop this year because my bigger girls are really improving with writing. One is more of a natural but the second one getting the hang of it. Also, the script last year helped me but this year it seemed like a hindrance. Oh and also, because our life/schedule is always changing, it’s hard to get it all in.


    My school-aged kids are in 3rd, 1st, and K and we have jumped around a lot this year with curriculum.

    LOVED: Mathematical Reasoning (Critical Thinking Co.)

    – Mind Benders (Critical Thinking Co.)

    – TGATB cursive

    – Laying Down the Rails

    – SCM Resources (scripture memory system, various enrichment items)


    LIKED: Life of Fred (Extraneous info is sometimes distracting)

    – TGATB Language Arts (what we decided to stick with)

    – LLATL Yellow & Blue Book (we don’t like that it’s 180 days)

    – Spelling Wisdom/ULW (my kids just don’t understand the quotes)

    – MFW Adventures in US History (great if you aren’t someone who feels oppressed by and all-in-one schedule)


    MEH– A Reason for Handwriting (kids are starting to get bored)

    – Foreign Languages 4 Kids (kids have hit a wall with understanding so it’s really just become screen time)


    DISLIKED: Sassafras Science (way too wordy and not much actual science)

    – LLATL Red (lessons were too long and had too many components)



    This has been a wonky year.  My oldest chose to do his work away from the family so I certainly hate that, but overall it has worked out well.

    LOVE (I see a pattern here)

    SCM Genesis/Egypt
    SCMs Enrichment Studies – Composer, Artist, Poet
    SCM Geography
    SCM Spelling Wisdom/ULW
    Getting Started with Latin
    Grammar for the Well Trained Mind (shocking but true)
    DSs Apologetics Class using Understanding the Faith by Summit Ministries
    DDs Physical Science Class


    DS’s English Class (pulling him out 2nd semester)
    Writing with Skill (hate, hate, hate)
    VideoText Algebra (wanted to love but didn’t)

    Getting the Job Done:

    Notgrass Exploring America
    Easy Grammar



    Kids here are 4th, 2nd + littles. We’ve flopped around a fair amount, hopefully we’ve settled into a few things…

    Loved (or at least loved that it’s working:)

    RightStart (3+ year weve used. We’re in levels C and E, and starting bits from A for preK this year. It’s not perfect, but nothing is, and I can easily tweak it because its not workbook driven. )

    Apples and Pears spelling for both older kids (We’re finishing up A and will start  B in a month or so. 1 needs it, the other tags along to save time, but sometime I’m going to transition her to dictation. I am thinking of going all summer….my struggling speller is learning to spell….but my fingers are still crossed;)

    Masterbooks physical science for 2nd grade because my daughter finally likes science. She never really liked all our great living books?? But loves to do this with me…thats my goal for elementary.

    Answers in genesis earth and space science for 4th grader. Weve learned alot and enjoyed it and now we watch the night sky together. He slept outside 2 nights this fall watching for falling stars.

    SCM picture, poetry, Bible verses. Great together time!

    Rod and Staff english. We just started this after Christmas so its soon to tell, but its covering what I want, making my kids write more, and not as tedious as Abeka. Also its “more” than MFW language lessons and doesnt include the picture study that we already do.


    SCM early modern/ modern. Were slogging through it still! We will be ready to start modern next week. 4th grader likes it 2nd grader does not…..somehow it doesnt feel quite right, but neither did Americas Story, or Our star spangled story…..not sure where to go here. I’m thinking of splitting us up next year…

    Songschool spanish daughter loves it son really dislikes it, and I think the songs are annoying, but it’s getting done unlike my handed down powerglide jr or miss mason spanish… I may just use it next year for dd and let ds try Greek like he wants to.



    My kids are 7,9,11 and 13.

    I’ve loved:

    Life of Fred

    My own made up Poetry program 🙂

    Fix It Grammar

    IEW (at a co-op)

    Sequential Spelling

    I’ve started teaching “Spanish for Children” at a local private school and am loving it so much I might add it next year to our homeschool.



    R&S Math (we started with this and changed)

    Climbing to Good English

    Our Mother Tongue

    Apologia Science (at the Co-op)

    Writing Strands (I wanted to love this and like the approach, but my son is not enjoying it!)



    kids are 14 & 16

    still getting into a schedule of Morning time: enjoying daily Bible passage reading all together( our focus currently is Psalm 46 until memorized or when we reach the end of the month). Hymn study(our choice), SCM Picture study, SCM composer study. Added Shakespeare, son doesnt care for it (but neither did his two older brothers) we’ll see how it goes.  I won’t insist.  Daughter loving it.

    14 yr old LOVES:  winston grammar, Biblioplan history/geography/bible, Pentime (they work in teaching Calligraphy), ACE Science (Earth), Hey, Andrew Greek,

    Tolerating ACE math

    16 yr old LOVES to do the least amount as possible to get on with real life learning experiences such as Aviation, government topics, Audio Sound technician(runs the sound at our church learning from his Dad), photography in nature…..etc

    He’s liking Biblioplan Early American history/Geography.  He follows the schedule for reading from the companion and answers just the weekly essay questions and does the weekly map work.

    He likes Power Basics Government.


    Mine are 16, 14, 12 and 7.

    Likes (not sure my kids ever love anything):

    Agriscience from CLE

    Survey of Astronomy from Master Books

    Python courses from Udemy

    Easy Grammar

    Apologia Swimming Creatures

    Learning Language Arts Through Literature Yellow

    God’s Design – Our Universe

    Mystery of History Volume 1

    Handwriting without Tears Cursive



    R&S English 2

    High school math courses from our province

    Bible Quest high school course (son disliked it, I thought it was good)

    The World’s Story 1: Ancient Times

    Canada My Country


    Likes (per my son):

    SCM Spelling Wisdom & Using Language Well

    Math Antics

    Life of Fred

    Anything by Horrible History (books or videos)


    Apologia Science

    CLE Language Arts

    CLE Math

    The Story of Canada by George Brown


    We made a few changes last year.


    SCM Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well

    Math U See (Life of Fred for entertainment)

    SCM Outdoor Secrets for science (even the older one likes it)

    Speaking Spanish from Cherrydale

    FIAR for little one and again the older still enjoys


    CHC Picture Study

    Weeding out:

    Life of Fred – love the stories, but kiddos need a different approach

    RC History – not a fan of the layout. Looking into Story of Civilization

    Adding in:

    SCM Laying Down the Rails, picture study, poetry, music, bird study


    Ooo, fun post! I’ve got 9 kids still at home this year, with kids at every level.


    – The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

    – The Good and the Beautiful Science (7th grade and under kids)

    – The Good and the Beautiful History

    – Lots of reading aloud and independent reading.

    – Math U See (kids grade 4 and up).

    – TGTB Math (kids in 2nd and 3rd).


    LIKED, but not loved:

    – John Tiner science books with extra question booklets from Memoria Press (high schoolers like it ok, but sometimes they feel like they aren’t retaining enough).


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