Our plan for our first year

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    Right now this is what I’ve got for our first year (3rd grade) We’ll only be starting with the 3 Rs and Bible for a few weeks until we both get settled into our new routine, Kelsey gets her hearing aids right (she gets them September 4th), and she learns to work independently. Our main focus at the beginning will be developing a routine, building our relationship up, and gaining confidence (for both of us!).  I also need this time to get settled into my new position of working from home. She’ll be orally narrating most of her readings, and we will probably “Buddy Read” some of the literature. 

    4-5 times a week:

    • Bible reading/Scripture Memory: Genesis—Deuteronomy, plus any NT work from Sunday School. 
    • Literature:  SCM Module 1 (supplement with free reading and books from AO years 2 and 3 booklist as needed)
    • Vocabulary (look up unknown words from Literature, Copywork, History or Science) 
    • Math: MUS Gamma supplement with math games and worksheets
    • Manuscript Copywork 
    • Cursive with Handwriting Without Tears
    • Physical Education:  walk/bike ride/go to the park/play outside (Obviously this will happen anyways, but I think it’s important to remember to take these kind of breaks during the school day, especially for DD because she has respiratory problems and exercise promotes lung clearance) 

     1-2 times a week

    • Poetry: reading, memorizing, analysing, possibly writing our own. 
    • Science: Books and nature study 
    • History:  Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans (More in-depth than our Bible study) 
    • Personal Develoment: 1 chapter of Wisdom and The Millers weekly, volunteer within church and community, daily habits training, daily chores 
    • Dance class at the community center (1.5 hour class a week. Modern/Ballet/Tumbling–she’s so excited! Smile
    • Church and Sunday school

    I will also probably try to add dictation, picture study, poet study and/or more in depth history or science after Christmas.   

    What do you think? Any suggestions or ideas? Too much? Not enough? 




    Looks good to me.


    Looks great to me, too:)


    Very good!

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