What do you do outside?

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    I feel your pain, Suzukimom – we warmed up to 38 today and still have snow piles everywhere, but at least the precip is now rain instead of snow. 🙂


    Can I just say, we all have some pretty cool kids! 🙂


    MonikaNC, we do, don’t we??  I sometimes get a kick out of my oldest…the neighbor girl is the same age, but attends PS. Sometimes after they have been playing pioneers, Indians, orphans, etc…my girls will comment on how the friend doesn’t play it right. Poor thing! Most of the time, she’s never read the book. =)


    I am smiling as I read these! My children have played the books we read outside for years. Once I found them playing Bubonic Plague! “But don’t worry Mommy, we all survive”they said!!!

    Once, they played Tsunami for a whole week! They have been pioneers, knights,revolutionaries, Hebrew slaves, you name it! The neighborhood ps kids had a blast here.

    When I was a child I played outside by myself for hours. No one entertained me. I played house with sticks laid out for rooms and discarded items from the trash for my house!!!

    Somedays we break out the hula hoops, jump ropes, scooters, ripsticks, bikes, big bounce balls. Basketball toss, horseshoes, ladderball are all easy and cheap entertainment. A bucket of water and a paint brush can occupy a toddler for an hour!!!There is always the swing. I try not to complicate it too much. They need less of me and more of the air and nature and freedom!

    sara p.

    Benita- My kiddos play their books too. I heard them out in the woods they other day running towards the house yelling “The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!” I thought I was going to die from laughter. It made my day!

    We also like to set up the tent in the backyard for them. They love taking all of their dolls and kitchen sets outside and play house in the tent. Also don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful evenings to make smores, to look at the stars through a telescope, play hide and seek with neighborhood kids with a flash light and catch lighting bugs!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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