What comes after the SCM Arithmetic Series?

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    I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but I don’t. What comes next after SCM Arithmetic book 5? It appears to cover all of elementary math and yet most math curriculum take 6 years to cover elementary math. Pre-algebra is usually 7th grade, then algebra and so-on. I know that “pre-algebra” wasn’t a term in CM’s days and I have read that some people have gone straight from Strayer Upton book 2 (grades 5-6) into algebra. I’m originally Canadian so the entire math scope and sequence is a little different for me anyway. I’m just trying to understand the big picture. I’m currently using the Strayer Upton books, but I do think the SCM Arithmetic books would be a little easier for me. I just don’t understand what comes next after you finish the series.

    I hesitate to ask this, but I’m also wondering if there is a rough time-table when to expect the series to be finished? My son is currently 3rd grade, but I don’t want to use the series with him and be left hanging next year when I need the 4th book. I’m using Strayer-Upton and it’s going ok, but I would prefer to use the Arithmetic series straight through…

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

    Richele Baburina

    Hello, maltajoy. Among other things, Book 5 will cover percents, fractions, and decimals in-depth so will, most likely, take students longer than one year to complete. The intent is to have CM math books continue all the way through high school. These won’t be authored by me as I have other plans & projects once the 5-book elementary series is complete. I’m sorry that I’m unable to say when each book will be published. They are being worked on, though, and hope if someone completes a book before the next is in print, they’ll have a good working knowledge of CM’s methods & practices in arithmetic from the ones already used that they’ll be able to continue while awaiting the next book.
    I hope that helps some.


    Thank you for taking the time to reply, Richele! I really appreciate it. My boys have been thriving with Charlotte Mason methods so far. I’m still unclear as to whether or not there would be a need for pre-algebra after using this series, or if one could go straight to algebra. But I’m not there yet so I guess I’m jumping the gun….:-)


    That’s a great question!  I’m curious to know too.  I wasn’t sure how far Richele’s books go before jumping into Algebra/Geometry sequence.


    There are recommendations for “what next” in the companion book and DVD set Richele wrote, Mathematics:  Instruments for a Living Teaching, for geometry and algebra. From what I have gleaned, there should be no need for Pre-Algebra if you follow the S&S in that book because the Strayer Upton books cover much of this in the 7th-8th grade range. Or at least, that is my understanding.
    I am using both the CM books and SU with my 3 kids, (and if they are all written by the time my youngest is school age, we will use all the CM books! )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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