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    This is one area that I am sadly behind in training. I have seen some of you talk about having morning and afternoon chores. Could you tell me what their routines are?

    If you have a good resource, I’d love to hear about it as well.




    I have a very organized friend who helped me in this area. I knew my children should be doing chores but could never figure out how to make it work with all three of them and would just end up doing it all myself mostly. When my friend found out that I usually cleaned up the kitchen alone and my girls ran off to play she was bold enough to tell me what she thought of that and give me some advice. 🙂 Praise God for good honest friends.

    Anyway, here is basically what we do. After breakfast (which I usually cook but since helping me clean more my girls are wanting to help in other areas too and so they occasionally help me cook) the girls unload the dishwasher. One does the silverware basket, and one hands items to another who is standing on a chair and puts things away. They rotate these jobs each week. When the dishwasher is done my youngest cleans the table, my middle daughter sweeps and my oldest refills the dishwasher.

    Then they go get dressed, make beds and pick up their room. If there is laundry from the day before they fold that and put it away. Then we start school.

    Right now other things just happen as needed – anytime the laundry is done they all help with that. What I’ve found is that just this little bit of a morning routine has spilled over into other areas for my girls, especially my oldest. She has begun to make herself a morning routine every night and will do different things like dust or clean their bathroom. She’s also taken it upon herself to mop the floors on Friday. My other girls will occasionally ask to clean the bathroom for me.

    I’ve had to learn that it’s okay to stand by and watch and supervise – we often do work together – now when they clean the kitchen I will start laundry or clean up something else. But at first I had to train them in these jobs. I felt bad standing by and watching while they worked and my friend said “Rene’, there’s a reason why supervisors get paid more.” LOL

    Attitude goes a long way toward making this work pleasantly long term. I make sure my demeanor is joyful and make comments about how pleasant it is to have a nice house, how happy Daddy will be when he comes home, and how we are to do everything in live as if we are doing it for our Lord. I also make sure to thank the girls and tell them what a blessing and a help they are to me.

    I do hope in the future to get more organized with household maintenance even more, but this is working for now.


    Wow Rene! This is awesome. It really helps me flesh out what to do.


    I have 5 boys so for us things are a bit different. We have what I call dialy chores and they are assigned to them. They also have individual chores that are on a chart and they go to it each morning and read what they are to do.

    Daily tasks are not by age for us they are given and every 3 months they switch no matter how old. The difference is the expectation on my part. I don’t expect the 5 yr old to rinse the dishes and put in the dishwasher by self. But I do expect the 10 year old to do it.

    Daily chores:

    empty dishwasher

    fill dishwasher

    wash table (after all meals)

    feed dog

    empty trash

    make breakfast

    make lunch

    vacuum floor (under table after dinner)

    Individual chores : more age related : and once a week

    shake rugs out

    wipe all door knobs and lightswitches

    clean bedrooms (this is not tiding)

    clean bathrooms (also not tiding fully clean)

    sort laundry (though I do the actual laundry)

    put laundry away

    wash windows

    wash doors

    trash to road or just container


    clean specific things like toys buckets, book shelves, toy shelves,etc

    clean truck out

    clean shoe areas

    Anyway.. that’s getting long. That’s the type of things my boys do. For me my job is to be sure they are doing them and to there age abiblity. That the baby is good and helping the 2 yr old learn to do things.

    Hope that helps



    I have 3 kids – daughter who’s 8, son who’s 5 and baby daughter who’s almost 2. The 8 and 5 year olds have mostly the same chores.

    Daily Morning Routine – we do this before going downstairs to breakfast or it would get skipped too often 😳

    – Get dressed, brush hair, wash faces, brush teeth (I figure that before breakfast is better than not at all. We don’t go back upstairs til bedtime, usually.)

    – Make Beds (they began as soon as they went from crib to bed, but with a bit of help and then supervision)

    – Straighten Rooms & Bookshelves

    – Sort Dirty Laundry

    – Swish & Swipe the Kids’ Bathroom (clean counter, sink, toilet, mirror) – this is the 8 yo job, but the 5 yo is about to take a diff. bathroom and be trained and fully responsible for it

    – Put away any clean, folded laundry

    – Go downstairs & feed and let dog out

    – Feed Rabbit & Fish (8 yo pets)

    – Put away clean dishes (I put mine in a lower cabinet so it’s easier for them and put the pots up high.)

    – Wipe Table, Vacuum floor after breakfast

    – Then we start school

    – The 8 yo shares a room w/ the baby and wakes early. She goes downstairs before I’m up and has her personal devotion time w/ the Lord and does grammar or math or something she doesn’t need help with.


    – Often the 8 yo will make sandwiches for lunch and she’s learning to make bread in the breadmaker (I need consistency on this one, b/c it’s so yummy when she makes it!)

    – Clean up kitchen same as after breakfast (they alternate w/ floor, table, but the 8 yo loads the dishes mostly)

    Evening Time

    – Same Kitchen routine

    – pick up outdoor toys (not always consistent here, but we’re working on it.)

    – straighten bookshelves & put away toys

    – put away any clean laundry

    For the other stuff – dusting, mopping, etc. We’re trying to get a good routine for these things, but I admit that I haven’t had as much success here. My husband and I usually do most of this, mainly b/c we haven’t figured out a routine after losing a wonderful housekeeper whom we used for several years very inexpensively. We’ve gotta work on this, too, b/c I know that they can do many of these things w/ a little instruction. I’ve just got to keep laying down those rails. 🙂

    Hope this helps, too.


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