What are you using for science?

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    My DD will be 7th grade next year.  I want to step up our science.  I am thinking about using Apologia General Science.  What are you using?  What do you like about it? Not like about it?


    My son in 8th grade now, is studying Exploring Creation with Physical Science with the lapbook, 2002. It took him 1.25 school years to complete the general science from last year. I really like the overview, but maybe a child with reading challenges would need it read outloud or purchase the cd that accompanies it.

    I used as many library books as I could find to supplement the textbook and there are many great living science lists out there that I feel should be the bulk of the reading. I used the textbook as a general guide and intro to the topic and followed up with living books for the deeper meaning.

    This year in our nature study, I chose Birds. In addition to his Apologia science, Our family once a week observe, try and draw birds in for observation, sketch it and pick a new species to read about for the week. We have especially enjoyed the Burgess Bird Book, Birds at Home,and Cardnals, Blue Jays and Chickadees and youtube videos of the specific birds call and care of nest building and their babies.

    I hope this helps and isn’t too overwhelming! Martha


    We continued using living science books in 7th grade and mixed in a bit of more formal science with AIG’s chemistry. We did Living Science 3 days a week and the chemistry course 2 days a week. We used many living science books from AO’s year 6.

    We chose to start General Science this year in 8th grade. We are nearly finished with it and will move on to Physical Science.

    However, we tweak the Apologia courses quite a bit. We simply read the text together and do the On Your Own Exercises orally. At the end of each module, I have my daughter complete the Study Guide independently. We don’t do the test since they contain the same information as the study guides and I would allow her to do them as open book tests anyhow. I did have her complete one module as directed, studying the guide and taking the test in the traditional manner, just to begin familiarizing her with the process.


    We recently switched to Christian Kids Explore (Earth & Space).  I like that I can add the suggested library books to tailor it to each child.   It also has a nice balance of readings and experiments.  I’m hoping this will work out in the long run, and we can use it as a 4 year rotation (biology, earth science, physics, chemistry).  We’ve used such a variety of sciences over the years!  SCM, Apologia, AIG, and lots of living books.  Each program has its strengths and weaknesses, but science has continued to be a favorite subject with all the programs we’ve used.

    Next year we’ll be attempting Apologia’s Physical Science for DD’s 9th grade year.  My younger DC will be doing CKE Physics.  To still keep us somewhat together as a family, I’m going to add a Physics Workshop kit from Thames & Kosmos as well as the new Physics 101 DVDs.  I’m also looking into a book called Backyard Ballistics, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to attempt it!  I may have DH work on this with the kids.   We haven’t covered physics yet, so I think it will be fun, especially for my Mythbuster loving DS!


    Thank you!

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