What are you using for 7th grade science

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    We started Apologia General Science, but my daughter is not enjoying it at all.  I think it may be a tad over her head, or she just doesn’t want to work hard.  I am trying to decide if I will make her push through and read it with her or switch to another program.  We have Apologia Science classes in my community for high school, and I was planning on enrolling her for these in a few years, so I REALLY want Apologia to work!  Help… what are you using for science? Any other advice?


    For my oldest (10th grade) we used Apologia General Science. It is a big change, we took it slowly at first, but that was the one thing we wanted to ramp up the difficulty for 7th grade. She’s also done their Physical Science for 8th. She split their Biology over 9th and 10th, and this year is doing 3 sciences: Apologia Biology, an online course for veterinary medicine, and Herpetology. (Last year was herpetology alongside the half of biology too).



    We used Apologia General for my two boys who were 7th and 8th at the time.  It was a big step up in difficulty for them.  It was hard to get into, but it went ok after we got used to it.

    Next year I’ll again have a 7th and 8th grader, but I’m considering doing some of the John Tiner books.  Memoria Press has a study guide for them.


    We are going to start with Apologia General Science in 8th grade, and use it a year “behind” schedule.  So they’ll cover physical for 8th, biology for 9th, etc.  For 12th, I’ll let them choose between physics or anatomy (or another advanced science course).   We’ll be skipping the tests and focusing on written narrations, some lab reports, and the On Your Own Questions.  I’m hoping to add in some of the living book suggestions as well, but we’ll probably just pick 2-3 books…DS may read the entire list when he gets there, but he’s the science/computer expert of the family.

    I know this is going to be a struggle with my DD as well, but I really want her to do well with it.  If that means we pick and choose portions to skip, then that’s what we’ll do.  I want to challenge her without overwhelming her, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on how she’s doing with it.  I’m also trying to keep up with her in the text, so I have a good understanding of the experiments.  I plan on being her “assistant” for them.  a.k.a. making sure they get completed.  😉



    Both of my kids took General Science in 8th grade and then skipped Physical Science to move into Biology in the 9th grade. Dr. Wile himself has said that there is no need for formal science until high school. I had my son take General Science in 8th grade because I thought he needed to and my daughter took it because she wanted to. Otherwise, I would have allowed her to continue with living science books. She liked Apologia better. However, we take a more relaxed approach to it, reading a few pages per day, doing the On Your Own exercises together orally, and taking the tests open book. I do have her complete at least one module per year in the usual format simply to familiarize herself with the process.

    I think the John Hudson Tiner books look perfect for middle school. If I had to do it over, I would combine those with science biographies and spread them out over 7th and 8th grade. They would make a great introduction to higher level sciences.

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