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    My current books are:

    • Reading the Psalm’s with Luther 
    • not really a book, but I’ve been reading and journaling with The Lutheran Study Bible Journal…it goes through the entire Bible, so I’ll be working on this for awhile!
    • for fun, I’ve been reading Truly Yours Kindle books…they are inexpensive Christian romance books


    I’m working my way through some Dave Ramsey books.  My 13-year-old son and I have been reading our way through his Christmas books – A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom, Kindling, Lost Heir, and others.  I’ve also been reading health books like Trim Healthy Mama and a few diabetes ones.  And it’s not ‘reading’ per se but have been doing lots of research on how to heal eczema.


    Seed catalogs! And the Farmer’s Almanac. I already have a sketched plan of what to plant where. Have already started some lettuce & herbs. When my windowsill is not sunny enough, they sit on my stock pots on the stovetop to hold them closer to the hood light. Aside from gardening reading, I’ve been looking at new curriculum catalogs & re-reading some of Ruth Beechick’s books. And re-reading parts of Trim Healthy Mama. I have fiction titles set aside, but haven’t been in the mood for them lately.


    this is a fun post! I just finished Villette by Charlotte Bronte (not sure what i think of it yet, it was interesting though) and I just started Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell! It is my first time reading her works and i am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I am also in the beginning/middle of Les Miserables (the beginning is SO long,…but i am nowhere near the middle yet!) I truly enjoy it but that is Hard reading for me so i dont  pick it up as often, but i am ever so slowly working my way through it. it is worth reading. So that is what i am reading in classics….


    also Creative Correction by Whelchel….interesting, have not gotten much into it yet. (child training)

    and i just started Tending the Heart of Virtue by Guroian… “How classic stories awaken a child’s moral imagination” fascinating and totally goes with a CM education idea (at least what i have read so far! 

     i am working my way through Ourselvs by Charlotte Mason as well….slowly…

    husband and i are reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas which i highly recommend, though we have not finished it

    …and i have my “easy” reading… Mr. Knightley’s diary by Amanda Grange (yes, i do enjoy some Jane Austen fan fiction on occasion!….it is fun reading about some of my favorite characters a bit more….so long as it is clean! there are some series i really enjoy and a lot of trash too.)


    so yes i always keep a good collection of books going at one time too!


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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