What are you doing for next year?

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    We moved at Christmas in 2019 and then covid hit so we have Fun Fridays where we do all the fun things we can’t fit into a regular 4 day schedule instead of field trips and such.

    Tea & Books

    • Fiction Reading & Oral Narration
    • Chalkboard Daily Math
    • Madlibs/Logic
    • BraveWriter Darts: this will be new

    Friday: Free Writes/Literary Element

    Unit Study*

    • Rebels
    • Canadian Railways
    • The War of 1812
    • The Solar System – Gr.
    • Insects & Arachnids – Gr. 3
    • Australia/Marsup/Reef – Gr.4
    • Women in Art – Gr. 6

    * Haven’t planned these, may have time for more

    Friday: Nature Study or Science Experiment


    CTC Math/Singapore Math

    Friday: Writing Project or Art


    Grade 6 – Drawing

    Grade 4 – Typing

    Grade 3 – Typing


    I have been REALLY struggling over next year. I will have senior who cant write and a sophomore that wont get her history credits if I keep plugging along at our current pace. I have to be creative if I want to keep using my beloved SCM history guides without skipping anything. I have been searching all over for a different history plan, or trying to figure out how to race through them. Here is what I finally settled on. I think:


    IEW writing class

    Worldviews Class

    Economics – Uncle Eric books

    Family (sophomore and 7th grader only, senior is on his own)

    History: SCM Greece 2X week, SCM Early Modern 3x week

    Bible: Lessons from SCM Greece

    Geography: Visits To (cant remember which one)

    Artist/Composer/Poet – SCM or Ambleside, depending on budget

    Latin: Continuing with Latin


    Handicrafts: Inspirational Lettering class, drawing

    Classical Astronomy (over the next 3 years)

    Family Literature – still working on Lord of the Rings series.

    10th grader

    Math U See Pre Algebra

    English: Analytical Grammar, Beyond the Book Report 3, written narrations, SW/ULW 3, Using some history reading towards literature.

    Science: light this year, possibly Master Books Origins course

    Self Knowledge – continue

    More than a Carpenter and another apologetics or worldview type book

    7th Grader

    Math U See Epsilon

    English: Analytical Grammar, written narrations, SW/ULW 2

    Science: possibly Master Books General Science

    Self Knowledge – Begin

    I think that is all…it seems like a lot. Its really not though.








    This is rather tenitive at this point and subject to change:) Ages are for fall.

    5.5 yr old

    • Horizons K and / or Miquion
    • All about Reading at his pace
    • Delightful Handwriting
    • Outdoor secrets
    • SongSchool Spanish 2 without workbook

    8.5 yr old

    • Horizons 3
    • Spelling wisdom + ULAW 1
    • Hymns in prose
    • She is really ready to begin written narrations. She has done a few in MFW Language Lessons for Today 3 already this year, and likes to write. With this in mind, I may have her join in with her older brother on Jacks Insects and adjust expectations accordingly. I am not sure of this though.
    • SongSchool Spanish 2
    • Piano
    • Daily activity with 1 younger sibling

    10 yr old

    • Horizons 5
    • Using Language Well 2 using the spelling passages for handwriting practice
    • All About Spelling 3 or wherever we are
    • Treasured Conversations
    • Jacks Insects
    • Memoria Press Elementary Koine Greek
    • Piano
    • Daily activity with 1 young sibling


    • Bible memory cards
    • Read Bible aloud
    • Read a picture Bible aloud
    • Singing Hymns
    • Robert Lewis Stevenson
    • Picture study
    • World geography, missions, animals, cultures study that I am working on
    • Drawing textbook and hopefully some paper sloyd or modeling
    • Nature study with SCM notebooks hopefully this gets done more with prompts…. we always do better in the spring and Fall

    We have 2 adorable tag alongs….


    Some of my plans are still up in the air. But for now……

    9th Grader                                                                                                               LoF Algebra                                                                                                      Notgrass US History and Lit                                                                        Apologia Biology                                                                                                      OT Survey (our pastor will teach this!!!!)                                                       Fix It Grammar                                                                                            Personal Growth    — Be Strong, Young Man                                      Continuing DuoLingo Norwegian

    7Th Grader                                                                                                          LoF  Decimals and Percents and SCM Pet Store Math                        Notgrass From Adam to Us and Literature                                         Apologia General Science                                                                        Apologetics (taught by a pastor friend — Thank God for Co-ops!)           Fix It Grammar                                                                                            Personal Growth  — Be STrong, Young Man                                              Latin  (Probably Wheelock)

    4th and 5th Grade                                                                                                LoF                                                                                                               Notgrass Our Star Spangled Story                                                                  God’s Design for Science                                                                                         Fix It Grammar                                                                                             Maybe IEW                                                                                                          Art at the Co-op

    Family Studies                                                                                                      Not sure if we will have finished  The Victor Journey Through the Bible, so maybe continue that, or find another Bible study

    Read alouds: Countdown, Times of Trouble                                           Stronger than Fire, The Spanish Bible Triumphs Over the Inquisition    (that’s all I have decided on so far!)




    Already a change. I think we will dig out Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt for this year and focus on African geography instead of me making a big geography year. I think it would keep things from getting too the same to combine history and geography. We will add in some missionary biographies and some great African animal book I have.


    6 year old – Heart of Dakota Beyond, Queen Language Arts, Queen Printing, Masterbooks Math


    11 year old – Masterbooks World Story (that’s the plan at least, if it doesn’t work, we will just read living books), Masterbooks Math, Queen Language Arts, Queen Cursive, maybe Apologia science if our co op doesn’t have any science classes


    9th grader – Apologia Biology with our co op, To Every Nation (from Not Consumed), Jensen’s Grammar, CLE Math


    11th grader – Masterbooks American History (if it’s too much, we will find some living books), CLE Home Economics, Jensen’s Punctuation, Personal Finance


    And I will have my first graduate this fall!


    Feeling like I’m going to crash and burn, as usual. 😛

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