What are my options for teaching cursive first?

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    I’ve looked at

    Cursive First

    New American Cursive

    Peterson Directed 

    – ABeka also does cursive first but I’ve had a hard time finding a sample online to look at

    is that it?  I don’t know that I’m super excited about any of them and wondering if there are other options out there.


    My criteria – all lowercase letters start on the baseline, lines must be small enough to write not draw the letters, simple instructions. I have used 3 things successfully. Abeka’s lines are too big. I don’t like the print TF and other letters in New American; it isn’t that hard to teach. Peterson Directed looks pretty good, but I prefer the look of Modern/Contemporary/D’Nealian Cursive myself

    Pencil Pete – super easy software program (ds10 used this and has lovely penmanship, it was pc only and our old pc died and we’re mac people. It may be available for macs now, I’m unsure. I think it esp. appealed to my son.)

    Cursive First – wonderful instruction, great 1/2 pages, I dislike making copies (dd13 used this and has lovely penmanship)

    The Joy of Cursive – very similar to Cursive First, but can print out instead of make copies (dd7 used this and is developing lovely penmanship. She’s on to copywork now.)


    Missceegee – Thank you for the extra suggestions and your thoughts on the programs.  

    I also prefer all lowercase letters to start on the baseline and dislike the print style letters in NAC.  I’m not particularly fond of the “2” Q in some of the fonts though either.  I don’t mind photo copying pages, but don’t want anything on the computer. 

    I probably should have mentioned this to begin with but ds is a leftie and I’ve been trying to find something that will offer guidance for that within the program.  Peterson seems to do well with that, their downloadable pdf on leftie isssues is very informative, but I can’t even figure out what I would need to buy from their website!  

    It sounds like Cursive First also has help for lefties though?  

    Also, because ds is so young (5 in October) and hasn’t done much printing yet either I was hoping for something that has practice with just the basic strokes before getting into the letters. 

    If anyone has any recomendations which program would best suit us, I’d be grateful.


    Cursive first would be a good option. It has practice in strokes.

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