What about weekly exams?

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    Hi, my name is Dee Dee. We have used CM for 2 yrs and LOVED every minute of it. I saw how CM transformed my thinking, not just with homeschool, but it affected my life as a Mom, Wife, home organizer etc. It was such a gentle approach and change that we needed to in our everyday life.

    However, my husband was noticing that our kids were not being tested in their school work. I tried to explain to him the method and how it works and reassure him that their are many successfull CMers go to college. He was really concerned that our children would want to go to college and they would fail because they never took written timed test. So, we switched over to ABEKA. My 3rd grader has done tremendous. She loves it. My 5th is doing o.k. She hates the videos but loves the work sheets. My 8th grader only likes the videos. (I think it makes it too easy for him).

    I really miss CM and want to switch back A.S.A.P. Can anyone please help us with this delima? Maybe put to rest our doubts about testing and being college ready?

    I look forward to all your wonderful inputs!

    Dee Dee





    I wanted to just encourage you. We tried ABeka with the videos years ago. It wasn’t really for us. But we’ve used some ABeka texts in the past. They do plenty of testing practice, don’t they? But you could just make up tests about what you learned each week the CM way. They would be really easy to make up. You know, write a few sentences, paragraph or essay (depending on which child) about ____________. 

    This kind of test would be much more indicative of what they learned anyway, than the fill in the blank ABeka tests.

    My oldest son has been in college for a year now, and I have to say he writes MUCH more than he takes multiple choice/fill in tests. He spends his whole life writing papers. So to be ready for college, I would have them write, write, write (Also think, think, think!). And occasionally, you can make up a fill in the blank or multiple choice tests for fun. Or get one of those $8.00 workbooks on some subject and have them do the pages for quizzes.

    I would definitely stick with what you feel is right for your kids because it’s right for them, whether that’s CM or ABeka. But you already know that.

    Best of luck!


    The above post has some great testing options, but to add I’d like to suggest end of the year testing.  We’re only required to test every 3 years in our state, but I know some moms who test every year specifically to give their children the experience.  Your husband could seee some “official” results that way and it may ease his mind!

    Richele Baburina

    I just wanted to add that our children have end of term exams via CM’s methods.  This, coupled with goals we have for each subject, really helps us to evaluate their progress and see if anything needs to be changed.  I’m thinking you could do exams weekly or mid-term or however often you would want.  They might look a bit different using the CM-method (ie narration vs worksheet) but requiring a specified time frame for the work to be done in doesn’t fall outside her gentle approach.  Does this make sense?



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