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    Hello,  I’m looking for some feedback on the Well Planned Day planner for the mom/teacher.  Have any of you used this?




    Hi, I have the On The Go planner and I like it because it is small and can take it along much easier then the large one I had been using.  These are the things I like about it:  My Resolve pages, I find myself reading them whenever I have a quiet moment.  Money management-I can write down my expenses here rather then tons of post it notes or pieces of paper.  Homemaking page-it feels less stressful to spread out my chores through out the year and I hope I don’t forget those that I never remember.  Love the address and phone number pages.  Each month is easy to see at a glance and each week has a small space for my to do list.  I am a list person but can get carried away with unimportant things. So this will help me to keep my list short with the most important things I have to do. 

    I also bought my daughter the 4 year high school planner that we will start to use next fall.  She is excited about it too. 

    I hope this helps.



    I have one of their copies from a year or two ago and I didn’t like it. I was curious about it and they were on special so I obtained an eversion of one, but honest i wasn’t sold on it. Now, there could be two factors. One, I’ve made my own planner many times before between combining my favorite resources and have finally just made my own mocked off of those things I normally combine together..

    Another thing is that we’ve switched up how we do things here because I needed a break from all the planning. So we purchased curriculum that fits with our teaching methods but has all the books scheduled for me. I felt that I don’t need a planner as much this year as I need a journal. The journal allows me to write down what I have actually accomplished vs what I hoped to accomplish. 😀


    I really like it a lot!

    I looked it over really well before purchasing it—they let you preview every page.  I am new to CM–but it is hands down the best planner I’ve seen so far.  I’ve been through quite a few.  My pastor’s wife also has gone with this one, and she does CM.  She found it about the same time I did-but separate. 🙂 

    Hope your day is Blessed!


    I love it, I have the on the go version for me, and the girls have the high school planner for themselves – it is one of the nicest planners I have ever used. The four year high school one, would be perfect, but I don’t have four years left:((

    I think they are great planners. Linda


    Thanks so much for your feedback everyone.  I know planners are pretty subjective.  I have used a Moleskine planner for our first four years and liked it a lot but also found myself with lots of little scraps for shopping lists and expenses, etc.  

    Thanks again.



    I am curious how the on the go planner compares to the full planner. Anyone have the full version?

    I am a planner fiend – I love them. I have Sonya’s planner for school and a small on the go planner for my purse for appointments and things like that – I just like to keep school and other things in different planners. I have used the full planner in the past and liked it, but I prefer the two individual ones I have now. Having said that if were about to start the 4 year high school jouney, I would have bought the 4 year planner as that looks great. The girls are using the individual high school planners for the coming year. I recommend both Sonya’s and these planners they are both excellent. Sonya’s wins out for me for school because of the simplicity and because it is so CM friendly. Linda


    I have the full one and used it this past year … mainly for my eldest who was in first grade. I did buy it again for this year, but I’m now realizing that there is very little space to actually write down assignments for more than one child. This year I have my eldest, second grade, and two kindergarteners, and I’m not keen on the daily space per subject anymore. I’m sure I could squeeze it in or abbreviate, but I do wish it allowed for a bit more planning space.

    It is a beautiful planner, though, and some things are quite wonderful … the weekly menu spot, the weekly priorities, weekend activities, attendance, etc. 

    Good luck!


    I have the big version and love it! It is my 2nd year using it for my two children. I was so excited that they came out with the zipper cover for it this year. It helps me store homeschool purchase receipts, print outs needed to comply with my states homeschool rules, etc. I highly recommend it.

    It truly is lovely and I enjoy the encouraging monthly articles placed in it.

    ~ Helen


    I am looking into planners to use for lessons next year.  Currently I have been using a free online weekly print out (the website I currently use has no other options). Since we are only doing a K year the space is sufficient.  When we start yr 1 it will not be enough space for the increased subjects.

    The Well Trained Day and The Ultimate Homeschool Planner both seem to be well reviewed.  I do like the flexibility of the UHP since it is not dated.  However, the UHP does not have enough space for subjects.  Both planners have a lot of extras I will not use.

    I keep our family calendar on gmail and want a planner that is just for HS’ing.  Has anyone made and spiral bound their own planner?  What are the websites you have used to make a planner?  My state requires no record keeping/testing/reporting/etc so this is strictly for my use and I would like the flexibilty of printing out only the weeks we school.  No need to waste paperSmile




    Carolyn, there are many ideas and links in this thread.  I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. Maybe you can find some ideas in there.  I did like the Tanglewood one, but there are lots of others. =)



    Thank you sheraz!  I am in awe of your searching abilities on SCM forum!  I do a search and seem to find maybe one item that will workSmile


    Well, I tend to remember them better if I have posted on them, and if I want to pull one of those up, I go through my replies under my profile.  It thins out the posts considerably. Wink  


    I’ve used a paper version of the online CMO this year and I love it!  If you search for threads of conversation concerning using the Table of Contents (TOC) in a binder, you’ll get the idea. We are studying SCM Module 4 this year. I set up our other subjects this way, too. No need for a dated plan. It adjusts to us. I just check off each chapter/activity as we complete it. I note dates on those things I want dated. The rest (fine arts, etc.) just get checked off as we do those daily/weekly, or in bulk sometimes and skip over others completely.  A list of inter-library loan and movie titles that I plan to use each term have separate pages. I can take just a page with me if I don’t feel like carrying the whole binder to town. 

    I have another binder I keep next to the study biner that acts as the brain for the rest of life. I have four rotating charts for chores and scheduled away from home activities  and four that rotate for menus. The chore chart is set up in a simplified version of famous types like FlyLady, MOTH, or MROL. I figured out the “zones” the way I need them to be divided and the order I prioritize them during the month. All I have to do is go down the chart during the day with the kids as/if needed and get mine done, too. 

    The menu charts help me quickly  solve the what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner question and the grocery list. I am thinking of storing favorite holiday recipes in the back of this binder. That way I won’t have to look for them in the unorganized manilla folder that holds all sorts of recipes (most of which have never been tried.) The only time this binder brain doesn’t work for me is if I veer off of it for a week or so for some undetermined reason. Frustration mounts and I wander around with a confused look on my face. Heh. :). But, as soon as I follow the plan again, all is right with my little part of the world. Why do I ever do anything else?

    I suppose it could store things like passwords and bill payment info. if I never took it away from the house. Hmmm. I need to think on it. 

    Oh, I use pencil on my charts. Then, when something changes that means an adjustment is a must, I just erase and replace. 

    Just a thought in case you find the other planners aren’t a close enough match. It took me years to get to the point of truly liking what I’m using and that meant coming up with my own based on favorite parts of a myriad that weren’t a good fit, but had some little helpful idea here and there. 



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