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    Welcome to the SCM Community Forum! Think of it as a giant CM party with lots of discussions going on about various topics. Just pick a topic and join in the discussion or start one of your own. We’re glad you’re here! (Meet you over at the popcorn. 😉 )

    SCM Community Forum Guidelines

    Our heart’s desire is to make Simply Charlotte Mason a place of encouragement and help. We have only a few simple guidelines:

    • Treat others like you want to be treated–with grace, peace, and kindness.
    • It’s okay to mention products when they relate to the discussion, but please refrain from blatant advertising. In other words, be a helpful member of the community.
    • Feel free to put your URL in your profile. However, please keep the previous guideline in mind.
    • This forum is operating on the principle of Masterly Inactivity (a good deal of letting alone). We do not intend to police every post. If you see a post that looks inappropriate, please let us know.
    • Forum posts do not necessarily reflect the views of the SCM team (unless we post it, obviously!). Check these links if you want to know more about us and what we believe.

    Signing up and choosing a user name

    Before you can post on the forum you must create a login. Keep in mind that the user name you choose will appear publicly next to your posts. It’s up to you if you want to use your real name or not, so feel free to be creative. It’s also best not to use your e-mail address to keep the evil spammers from seeing it. Your user name cannot be changed later so be sure to pick one that you’ll be happy with in the future. For example, “SuperMomOf2Girls” might not be the best choice for the mother of a growing family. 😉

    How to get your avatar (little picture)

    You may have noticed that some people have little pictures next to their forum posts. Those little pictures are called avatars and you can have one too.

    Just go over to gravatar.com and sign up for a free account. Your avatar will then show up here and on other forums and blogs that also use the Gravatar service. Gravatars are tied to your e-mail address so be sure to register the one you used to register here on the forum. Sometimes Gravatars take a while to show up here, but you can use the Gravatar test page to make sure yours is working.


    It’s not unusual for forum discussions to include abbreviations to save a little typing. We don’t want anyone to be left out by unfamiliar terms so we’ve compiled a list of SCM Forum Abbreviations for reference. We HTH (hope this helps) you and your DC (dear children) benefit from all of the great CM (Charlotte Mason) information here at SCM (Simply Charlotte Mason).

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