Visits to N. America or BBF Geography

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    Hello Ladies,

    I happen to  have the  Geography Through Literature  Guide/Maps/Books and was wanting to get some feedback on using this (because I have it) as it fits in with the SCM Modern Times History time period we will be starting vs buying and using the Visits to North America Geography.  Will we be “missing out” on a better geography course ? Another option I was thinking about was doing 2-3 days of BFB Geo to get it done in 1 semester and then start on the Visits To…Any feedback?  Thanks so much.




    It should be easy to sub in beautiful feet geography 1X a week where the history guide says to do visits to…

    As to “better” program that your family has to decide.;) There are samples of the visits to books on their page in the bookstore. It is a almost weekly map drill with material world and hungry planet scheduled every do often instead. Then there are intermittent picture books scheduled for K-3 and a longer book scheduled to be read over the year for 4+. At least this is true for Africa and Europe that I’ve looked at or done.


    Thank you for your input.  It does help one come to a better informed decision.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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