Using Stobaugh's World History with Stories of the Nations


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    I purchased Stobaugh’s World History to use basically as our spine for Modern Times this year, and I also have Stories of the Nations, Volume 2, which I would like to use alongside for my 11th grader.  Have any of you used Stories of the Nations with the Stobaugh book, and were you careful to match them up as you went along?

    I’m not sure exactly how the Stobaugh book is really set up because I haven’t looked through it at length since we got it, but I know we are supposed to start with Chapter 25 (Nationalism) for Modern Times. Do you think it will really matter much if the two don’t exactly “match up” as she reads them?  She is mildly dyslexic and sometimes struggles with comprehension with some materials, so I don’t want her to get confused.

    Those of you who have used Stobaugh’s World History, did you find it easy to use as is, or did you make adjustments to it in any way?  What did you think of it?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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