Using Language Well with Special Needs Kids

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    I’m trying to figure out the next steps with my oldest two kids, each of which have their own special needs.

    My 9.5yo has only ever done copywork and oral narration. He is dyslexic and hates writing and narrating. He reads about a 1st grade level. I’m trying to figure out what is next for him in language arts. I have abandoned a formal phonics curriculum due to burnout (we were doing Logic of English since he was 6) and we use McGuffey and Pathways readers and just read, with me telling the phonics rules as we go for words he doesn’t know. I’ve been wondering when/how to introduce writing beyond copywork for him and considering ULW. Would that be too much for a dyslexic 9.5yo?

    My oldest is 11 and an Aspie with ADHD. Spelling and Grammar are her weaknesses. She has been doing a weekly written narration for a year and this year I added Story Starters once a week. We worked through Spelling Wisdom book 1 last year (got about 1/3 in). She was weak with dictation, even studying the passage right before (or for days before). So I switched to a traditional spelling method of giving her a list, having her copy them (and visualize), write in sentences, and then testing at the end of the week.  We also are most of the way through Grade 4 East Grammar just doing a page a day over the last year and a half. But she doesn’t bring much of the grammar or spelling we work on into her writing (be it school or for fun). She enjoys writing and gets frustrated by her mistakes (she asks us to proofread some of her writing, like letters to her friends). Would ULW help her make the transition to applying her spelling and grammar to her writing?


    I don’t know if you have found solutions but I wanted to share what has worked for my ASD son. We did Happy Cheetah Reading. This program was written for struggling learners. It is not heavy on rules to memorize and follows more of a CM approach method. Then program is Spelling You See sold through Demme Learning or Christian Spelling You See is by the same writer as Happy Cheetah Reading, Dr. Holinga. There are youtube reviews of these products if you are interested. They both have helped my son tremendously.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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