Usborne First Book of Nature

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    I just found this book at a used bookstore and snatched it up. I’ve had a look at it and I was hoping it would work as a read aloud for science but it seems choppy sort of my issue with the One Small Square books, would you use it more as a nature guide or do you think it could be read like a book?


    We have that book, and my daughter really likes to just read it on her own! We haven’t used it as part of our instruction for that reason, but you definitely could – you could use it almost kind of as a reference and then supplement with other activities. Like if you were working through the Butterflies and Moths section, you could supplement that section with nature walks looking for the various things discussed in the section, raise your own butterflies, go deeper into a particular aspect of that chapter with other books, such as the butterfly life cycle, etc.

    Tamara Bell

    I leave books like this around the house and readily available for my children to grab and look at.  I consider them reference books and not read alouds or formal science books.


    We do the same as above. My kids really like them, but for free reading and exploring in free time, not for an actual text book or science book. Often they are pulled down to answer a question or for picture inspiration to draw.

    On more than one occasion my kids have grabbed these types of books to answer a friends questions about animals or similar and the friend is so surprised they did not have to look it up online, haha.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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