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    Here are some books we no longer need. I just updated this adding several and deleting the several sold. All prices include shipping. You can email me at Roslyn J Harris at Gmail dot com. It has no spaces or caps. I take PayPal.

    All through the ages 4th ed , Grs. K-12 — $25 ppd. Nice. New 4th edition never used just a bit of corner shelf wear lots of living history books and dates listed to add to or create your own studies

    Apologia Biology 1st edition set J L Wile, Grs. 9-12 — $14 ppd. Good. Text, tests, multimedia cd, lesson plans no writing I see ISBN 0965629473

    Apologia General science set 2nd edition by J L Wile, Gr. 7 — $25 ppd. Nice. Text, tests book, multimedia cd, audio cd prior recommendation by SCM ISBN 9781932012866

    Beautiful feet Western Expansion or Early American & World History for Jr high living books scheduled with questions older guides $9 ppd each

    Betsy and giulio maestro books — $15 ppd for all 4 books Nice condition. American Story series 4 books set narrative US history with pictures ISBN 0688068383

    Challenging word problems 3, 5 and 6, Grs. K-8 — $12 ppd. Nice. Price each Primary math by Joseph Lee out of print no writing great word problems to supplement any math program ISBN 9812528431

    Guides to History Plus by Kathryn Stout, Grs. K-12 — $8 ppd. Nice.  lists, ideas, dates to plan your own history studies ISBN 9781891975080

    Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ duo, Gr. 4 — $35 ppd. new sealed student pages + used Tiner History of Medicine ISBN 0890512485

    Heart of Dakota Little Hearts Manual +, Gr. 1 — $27 ppd. Good. Guide and like new Devotions for childrens hour ISBN 097476955X

    Jr analytical grammer teacher book, DVD, Jr analytical Grammar mechanics student book clean original edition $33 ppd

    Math mammoth 6b book and review book, Gr. 6 — $8 ppd. Good. Parts of 4 pgs in worked used 1 page used in skills review ISBN 9781954358072

    Memoria Press Greek set koine year 1, Grs. 6-8 — $23 ppd. Nice. Text, tests, teacher key, flashcards no workbook ISBN 9781615385034

    Miquon lot annotations, notes for teachers red and orange student books, and 155 wood rod set no writing this can’t go media mail hence the higher price ISBN 0913684643   $38 ppd

    Oxford university press The Romans and The Greeks, $13 ppd for set Nice. By Roy Burrell ills Peter Connolly OUP living history texts SCM used these in the 1st edition of the Greek and Roman history studies ISBN 0199171629   04/04

    Rod and Staff English 4 or 5 teacher and student set,  $15 ppd. Good. Price for each set of books few stray pencil marks ISBN 9780739905159

    SCM lesson plans for 4th or 5th — $10 ppd. Each Individual studies for LA science math CM style ISBN 9781616343453

    SCM Mathematics an Instrument for Living teaching CM math thoughts by Richele Baburina nice condition ISBN 9781616342012 $15ppd

    Gillingham Manual — $50 ppd. Nice. Read but no marks in it and very little edge wear ISBN 9780838802007

    WriteShop B set teacher guide new student pack and $30 ppd. Nice.  ISBN 9781935027010

    WriteShop E or F teacher book only  $20 ppd. For each this has creative and academic writing it is very interactive

    Alpha Omega Horizons math teacher guide 1st grade, Gr. 1 — $12 ppd. Good. Teacher guide only for grade 1 ISBN 9781580959315

    Alpha Omega Horizons preschool for threes, Pre-K — $7 ppd. Nice. Teacher book for fun prek unit studies ISBN 9780740329999

    Apple’s and pears A teacher book — $10 ppd. Nice. 3rd ed phonics based remedial spelling ISBN 9781905174256

    Apples and Pears B set  $35 ppd. New. 1 teacher notes and 2 new workbooks ISBN 9781905174263

    Memoria Press Classical composition 1 teacher guide And lesson plans and 2 Student books 1/2 lesson 1 done in pencil in one book a bit more in the other book ISBN 9781615381548  $25

    Memoria Press First grade 1st grade manual, Gr. 1 — $13 ppd. Nice.

    Memoria Press Phonics flashcards + classical phonics book, Grs. K-5 — $20 ppd. Nice. Laminated but hardly used complete set no marks in book ISBN 9781615388929

    Memoria Press Storytime treasures and more storytime treasures – $22 ppd. New. teacher guides set of 2. eCur new ISBN 9781547703753

    Memoria Press Timeline set wall cards and flashcards, and Old Testament flashcards$12 ppd. New.  Opened new wall cards, sealed flashcards good to add on to any history curriculum

    Memoria Press Traditional Spelling 1 teacher manual, Gr. 1 — $15 ppd. Nice. Includes supplemental key no writing ISBN 9781615389100

    Memoria Press Traditional Spelling 3 teacher manual, Gr. 3 — $11 ppd. Nice. Current edition no writing in it

    Here are some living history (plus a few geography, picture or nature:) books $5 each or $3 each if you add to an order more than $15 unless otherwise marked.

    Growing up Dakota by Charles Eastman edited by Charlene Notgrass

    John Audobon Young Naturalist by Miriam Mason

    How the Bible came to Us by Meryl Doney

    Adventures in colonial America 3 book set by James Knight Jamestown, Salem Days, The Winter at Valley Forge $12 for set

    Children Just like me Celebrations from Dk oversized hardbacks of celebrations around the world

    Give your child the world by Jamie Martin book lists and descriptions for living geography books

    Albrecht Durer Art for children book by Ernest Raboff biography and pictures in a book use for artist study

    Buried Cities by Jennie Hall living history of Pompeii Herculaneum Olympia and Mycenae for upper elementary or middle school a chapter book

    Hank the Cowdog It’s a dog’s life

    Hank the Cowdog The Case of the raging rottweiler

    Hank the Cowdog The Case of the twisted Kitty

    Hank the Cowdog the original adventures of Hank the Cowdog

    vintage American girl Felicity box set. Case and 6 books $20 ppd

    Vintage Molly’s surprise and meet Molly 2 books $8 ppd

    Who’s that Stepping on Plymouth Rock by Jean Fritz

    Immigrant Kids by Russell Freedman

    Cowboys of The Wild West by Russell Freedman

    Indians and Cowboys by Stanford Tousey vintage from 1957

    Winter across America by Seymour Simon

    Usborne Pocket Nature small hardback compilation of Wild Animals, Birds, Fish, Creepy Crawlies, Butterflies, Flowers, and Trees

    A True Book The Seven Continents Asia by John Son

    Our Living World of Nature 13 book set. These are from 1970 and are living nature book that each study a different ecosystem. The titles are “The Life Of the” then the ecosystems name. I have Jungle, Far North, Ocean, Pond, Cave, Marsh, Mountains, Prairies and Plains, Sea Islands, Forest, Reset, Rivers and Streams, Seashore. $40 for set or $5 each

    Golden Children’s Bible nice not cartoon pictures

    The farm Summer 1942 by Donald Hall

    Journey Cake Ho by Ruth Sawyer pictures by Robert McCloskey

    Humphrey the lost Whale A True Story by Wendy tokuda and Richard Hall A  true story about a whale who swims up rivers in California and is rescued

    Wynken Blynken and Nod illustrated by Johanna Westerman

    The Little Island by Margaret wise Brown

    Miss Twiggley’s Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox

    Here are some free books with another order of $20 or more

    Spelling by Sound and structure grade 4 teacher manual

    All the following rod and staff ABC workbooks and animal coloring books are clean

    Animal Alphabet coloring book

    Finding the Answers

    Hearing and Helping

    Just Thinking and choosing


    I also have

    Sabbath mood botany form 2 guide+ vintage hardback First book of plants guide is prior edition Grs. 4-6 — $22 ppd. Nice condition


    WriteShop is no longer available


    WriteShop B is still available

    Secrets of the woods , Grs. 6-8 — $7 ppd. New. Charlotte Mason nature lore book Ambleside online ISBN 1599150220

    Fifty Famous stories retold , Grs. K-6– $7 ppd. New. Charlotte Mason history book Ambleside online ISBN 1599150069



    Rod and staff English 4 is sold


    Brand New paperback Storybook of Science from living books press $12.00 ppd


    Beyond little hearts for his glory guide from heart of Dakota. Very nice condition a complete set of plans for 1st or 2nd grade. You have to purchase some other books to use the plans. $28 ppd

    Do you have these available?

    Apologia Biology 1st edition set J L Wile, Grs. 9-12 — $14 ppd. Good. Text, tests, multimedia cd, lesson plans no writing I see ISBN 0965629473

    Apologia General science set 2nd edition by J L Wile, Gr. 7 — $25 ppd. Nice. Text, tests book, multimedia cd, audio cd prior recommendation by SCM ISBN 9781932012866

    Could you email me some pictures?




    I sent you an email;)

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