Update on student with ASD, APD

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  • flowersbymo

    I want to give an update on a.post from Nov 2019. In (2020) I did Early Years read alouds along with simple reading and math lessons. In 2021 I did a .05 year along with AAR pre reading pack, Happy Cheetah Reading, along with Math U See. We are also using Chalk Pastel.com for drawing and will start Bestowing the Brush for brush drawing lessons. For singing, we are enjoying Solfa Sofa on youtube. I am currently using a book list from A Gentle Feast and SCM for enrichment studies. My son will be 11 and is making steady and consistent progress. We are almost finshed with reading his first chapterbook read aloud; Stuart Little. We use scripture set from SCM and short poems for recitation. I am so pleased over his progress and thankful to SMC for the support in our journey toward a life giving education.

    Karen Smith

    Thank you for that wonderful report! I’m so excited for your son’s progress with the way you have tailored his education for the individual that he is. Well done!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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