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    I know its a bit early to be planning next year (and the year after), but I am curious if ULW4 may be available by summer 2019. Also, more importantly, can you give some sneak peak at what will be covered. I like the idea of “Composition Sharpening” but I am curious just what that entails. Thanks guys.



    I am curious as well! We are in the 2nd lesson of season 1 with my 6th grade daughter, and the middle of season 2 of Analytical Grammar with my 9th daughter with whom we’ve been using it since her 7th grade year and just going slower utilizing short lessons,  and she has literally been in tears for the three years over it. She detests it. I know it is a good grammar course, and she has learned much from it, but at the first announcement of ULW3, I pulled AG last week and began her and my other daughter back on ULW. My older one is in love and more importantly loving learning that part of life again! I did start her back in ULW1 in order to concrete all the punctuation points that are typically covered in season 3 of AG, and we’re just moving at a faster pace through the ones she needs and needs reviewing until I get her caught up to ULW3. We are still only taking 15 min a day with grammar, but I am having her fill in her English Points Journal, and she’s already learning better I think. She’s especially ecstatic over not having to diagram, and being able to learn another way to analyze sentences. All this to say I am really hoping ULW4 will be out by next school year as well! No pressure, and no disregard to AG, but with us always having been CM here from the beginning of our girls school-life, ULW just suits us much better. THANK YOU Sonya for your selflessness in making sure our families have these great tools!

    Sonya Shafer

    Thanks for your kind words about ULW, ladies. ULW4 is going to take quite a while to research and put together, plus there are several other projects in line ahead of it, so please don’t count on its being ready for fall 2019.

    As far as what it will cover, here are some of the points I have in mind so far:

    • More poetry analysis
    • More figures of speech (e.g., hyperbole, allegory)
    • Writing strong introductions, conclusions, and transitions
    • Writing descriptive essays
    • Strong sentences vs. weaker ones
    • Nominative case pronouns
    • More on verb tense
    • More punctuation
    • Outlining
    • Writing expository essays
    • Writing business letters
    • Word studies

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. It sounds just wonderful.  I wont really need it till 202o actually for my oldest. We discovered ULW a bit late for him to be on the recommended schedule. He will be 11/12 grade for ULW4 but I think it will serve him well even in those grades. And so excited my youngers will get through the whole series. I love everything you guys do. I often panic its not enough, find something else that seems “meatier”, realize they were learning more with SCM materials and switch back. I havent trusted the methods and I think its because I need to read more of Charlotte’s writings. I just downloaded all your free materials, hoping to purchase more mom materials when the budget allows. You guys make it so easy to learn and implement CM in a modern world. Thank you so much!

    Sonya Shafer

    Thanks for the encouragement, Crystal!


    ULW 4 sounds like it will be an amazing course!  My oldest is in 6th grade this year so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will be ready for him by the time he reaches 9th grade.  Thank you for all your hard work Sonya!


    When my daughter finishes UWL 3 along with SP wisdom 3 should she continue with spelling wisdom 4 or what do you recommend next?



    Dear Stacy,

    It makes me sad to read your DD has been in tears for three years. Ditch the grammar book. My number one pick for getting the necessary grammar learned and remembered is to pick an Easy Grammar book. Or take a year off from grammar. Or get an sat/act study guide and let her work those questions at a leisurely pace….Or, you can peruse rainbowresource.com and find a plethora of other grammar resources. Life is just too short to cry over grammar, or math, or writing for that matter 🙂

    Best wishes!

    Karen Smith


    Even though Using Language Well, Book 4 will not be ready when your daughter finishes ULW Book 3, she can still move on to Spelling Wisdom 4. Spelling Wisdom can be used independtly for dictation lessons.


    We love Spelling Wisdom!  It is one of the few programs we have stuck with through the years.  We have also been consistent with oral and written narrations.  My 9th grader will begin SW 4 next month.  I was hoping for ULW 4 to go along with it, too.

    The most enjoyable grammar book we have used has been Simply Grammar.  I am not sure if it is high school level.  I plan to use the one semester course Grammar of Poetry with video lessons.  I have considered Easy Grammar Plus or Winston Grammar.  Lots of diagramming would be too much for my student, so I decided against Analytical Grammar.  I have also considered Our Mother Tongue, which has some diagramming in it.  AO uses it.  There are many older posts on here about teaching grammar.  Is there something else, something new, I have missed?  Recommendations?

    I agree there should be no tears.  We had the tears with our 2nd grade English before I learned of CM language methods.  So glad we switched!  So glad we found Simply Charlotte Mason and Spelling Wisdom!  Thanks Sonya and the SCM team!

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