ULW 3 w/ SW4, and Grammar for Writers

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    I have a question on ULW/SW, Easy Grammar Plus, Daily Grams.

    We have been using SW for years now and have just begun book 4, we ended up skipping SW bk 3 as we took an extra year each for bk 1 & 2 and by then they were able to handle bk 4. It is working well and seeing results even for my struggling speller/writer! We did ULW bk 1 but did not do much with book 2.

    Now my ds are 15 and 13 and I have decided to do a focused course this year on grammar, using Grammar for Writers from Compass Classroom. They are enjoying the videos and willingly reading the notes that go with them, but are totally lost when it comes to the quizzes or practical use. My oldest said he needs more practice actually using it. My goals are exposure, being comfortable with grammar, being able to fix poor grammatical sentences, growth in being a good writer and communicator (which they are and continue to work on).

    My Q is: could I get ULW bk 3 and use it for the grammar even though it won’t match up with SW 4?


    Should I get something simple open and go/write in like Daily Grams 7 for 10min/day practice? Do I need Easy Grammar Plus with it too?

    Has anyone used these and any tips/ideas to share before I order something? 🙂 Thanks!

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