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    Thank you for your comments on the ASL matter. 

    We are part of a co-op and some of the parents with high school children did mention the fact regarding ASL not being enough requirements for credits/future college acceptance, etc.  Thanks for the reminder. I will keep that in mind. 

    And, I agree with everyone else’s comments about the amount of time spent in practice to actually speak the language.  I took Spanish for 3 years in school and only remember snippets of the language.  And, I received good grades in that class as well. I could’ve learned it fluently if my dad wasn’t an absent father when we were young, as he is fluent. But, that’s another story, too.



    Thanks Bookworm.  It sounds like The Fun Spanish is kind of like Eurotalk, a bit.  Enough that I don’t know I want to pursue that.  But please let me know what you think of Spanish for children as that looks like a great “kit”.  Misty

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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