Two students using different high school biology curricula?

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    Hi. I am considering having both my 9th grader and 10th grader do biology next year, but they are on different levels. My rising 10th grader is currently doing Novare Physics in 9th grade and his younger brother isn’t quite ready to do that. I would prefer to use Berean Builders for my 10th grader but my 9th grader needs to have the audio available, so I was looking at doing Apologia with him. My question is this, if I have them both do different biology curricula simultaneously, can I just combine the lab for them and have them both do the same labs from, say, Berean Builders? If anyone hasn’t done this specifically, is there anyone who has used these two curricula to be able to compare the labs? Or is a biology lab a biology lab? Thanks!

    Karen Smith

    First, Berean Builders has audio available for their biology book. You can find that here,

    Second, it most likely would be difficult to combine labs for students using different biology courses because the order of topics may be different and what material is covered for a particular biology course may be different from another one. Both courses will cover similar topics overall, but one may delve into one area of biology and the other course may delve into another area.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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