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    This is probly asked alot but is there a simple way to determine twaddle from non-twaddle? I’m trying to clear the twaddle 🙂


    I, too, sometimes have trouble deciding if a book is twaddle or not. I was thinking, there ought to be a blog post on the subject! So, I searched the SCM blog…..

    Here is a link to an older blog post that uses Charlotte Mason’s own words to describe twaddle, but I especially like the reader comments below the article. Sonya had asked readers to give a one-sentence definition of how they would describe twaddle.


    I did the great bookshelf cleanout a few months ago and the link Sue posted helped me so much! I felt a little overwhelmed about getting started, so I began by setting aside any books that I know are on the SCM book lists (we’re in the Early Years so, maybe that makes things easier). Then I pulled anything that looked like a movie or tv tie-in, and sorted through those (most of which ended up on their way out!). What was left on the shelf felt much more manageable to sift through. Good luck!!


    What level books are we talking about? For picture books or others you read aloud, I have heard it said that if the kid pulls it off the shelf and you dread reading it, it is twaddle. If you enjoy reading it, it is not. I would agree anything with movie and TV tie ins is twaddle. And usually things with more than one author are. But a certain pint it is subjective. One person’s living book may be another’s twaddle.


    Sara B.

    In Vol 4 Ourselves, CM talks about “How to recognise Literature.” In my book it is pp. 40-41. Excellent way of explaining twaddle vs real literature, whether poetry, picture books, history, or anything else. HTH!


    Thanks everyone 🙂 I just am having a very hard time with it. But honestly I feel like because my older children have been allowed to read the twaddle they don’t want to read the good stuff 🙁 So I want to get it out of here before the younger 3 get any older 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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