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    I am working on our plans for history and looking towards high school and how it will all work out.  I have two children, one going into 8th grade and one going into 6th grade next year.  I was thinking for my 8th grader the schedule would be: 8 – Ancient Greece/Ancient Rome, 9-Middle Ages/RR, 10 – Age of Revolution 1, 11 – Age of Revolution 2, 12 – Age of Revolution 3.  That doesn’t leave a year to do Government and Economics.  Will it be easy enough to add something onto history and count it, too?  Or should I skip Ancient Greece/Rome and do Middle Ages/RR next year.  That would have us finish up Age of Revolution 3 in 11th grade and leave 12th grade for Government and Economics.

    What about my 6th grader?  Should I keep her on the same rotation with us? With the original plan she would be doing Age of Revolution 1 and 2 in 9th and 10th grades.  Is that enough for American and World History?  Then she could easily do Government and Economics her 11th grade year and grade 12 delve into a topic of her choice or use one of the other TQ guides.  Or should I put her on her own rotation and start grade 6 with Beginnings.  She would then complete one TQ per year finishing Age of Revolution 3 in grade 12.

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