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    I saw yesterday on the news that the 99% demonstrators here in the US, have put forth their manifesto (which is communist) and some of their demands are, ban homeschooling, ban guns, ban home or land ownership, and so on. The freedoms we all hold true are under attack world wide and we need to be alert, vigilant and stand for our freedoms in a peaceful way – we cannot let the people who call themselves the 99% (who are mostly useful idiots as Marx I think said) become a popular movement, we must see them for who they are. Same for dangerous groups like Anonymous who at times seem to have good ideas, but are sinister in the extreme.

    Thanks for putting this link through ….. we will cease to have any rights if we are not all vigliant and willing to speak up.


    This link has the Alberta Education Minister’s response to the report that Suzukimom linked, as well as further letters from homeschooling parents and advocates (start at the bottom of the page to get things in order).  This is a slippery slope.  While the current Education Minister assures us that the government has no intention of interferring in homeschooling, the wording of the legislation leaves it open for other possible interpretations by later governments or special interest groups.

    Slippery slope indeed!!! Education must always be the choice of parents, we should never allow anyone to take that freedom away.


    I find this kind of idea really scary and absurd. At the same time wonder how can they really control how and what we teach our kids?


    Well, if “they” decide that all children must be tested according to federal standards, then your child might have to take a “citizenship” test…..and if your children don’t answer questions “correctly,” affirming the diverse lifestyles you are required to teach them about, you might be told you have to enroll them in public school because they didn’t “pass” the test.

    What would that look like? Let’s say you have to teach them that abortion is not murder but instead a legally-protected right for a woman to choose not to carry a fetus to term. You tell them that is how they will have to answer questions about abortion rights on a standardized test. Then, you tell them that our family does not believe that because we follow the Bible’s teachings that murder is a sin and abortion is murder. Confusing? Especially so for young children.

    It could go further than just answers on a test. Children have been questioned apart from their parents under Communist regimes and are expected to tell on their parents if they are in opposition to government laws. Yes, it is a slippery slope. They could start telling parents, “Sure, you can still homeschool, but you must use this curriculum and these textbooks, and nothing else!”


    Not good!  


    That will truly be a sad day. I am sure it will happen one of these days. I just hope don’t know what we will do. Maybe underground teaching. 🙂


    My husband sent me an article from Toronto…  a 4 or 5yo took a drew a picture of her Dad shooting “Bad people and monsters” at school.  Family services took her, and her siblings.  Her father was arrested, strip searched, and held.  Their house was searched.  The only thing found in the home was a plastic gun that shoots little soft darts (ie, probably a nerf gun…)    I sit and imagine him shooting the monsters under her bed for her, or otherwise playing a little “cops and robbers” or something like that.

    It would be easy for some child to make some simple statement that doesn’t fit the “diversity training” to someone, and the family services grabbing the kids.   In Quebec last year a homeschool family was forced to put their child in PRESCHOOL because the government felt their homeschooling family wasn’t meeting her social needs. 

    I try not to be paranoid.  But it is hard not to wonder where the world (including my part of it) is going, and how long we will have the freedoms we currently have.


    Rachel White

    Ya’ll call your Reps. up there…the gov’t always says that some new legislation won’t affect a certain group. The Catholic Church was told the same thing about Contraception and abortifacent mandates under Obamacare-well you know what happened with that promise.

    Here two articles related to the gun-drawing incident with the father and dd:

    when my son was around two and three, he had a wooden, Revolutionary War-era replica that I gave to shoot the “monsters on the wall” if he saw any. I taught him to say out loud “go away in the NAme of Y’shua! You can’t be in my house” and then shoot. It was very effective; spiritual warfare and self-defense teachings at the same time! It was very empowering for him and worked.

    Of course, the gov’t. doesn’t want anything that is empowering to the individual…well, unless you’re an atheist.


    This is all so disturbing. And I got an email from Parental stating some of that they want to do here! It is very scary! And yes!! I would think about going underground! We may all have to decide that one day..I hope not!

    And we call this a free country…not so anymore!

    Being from Europe I can clearly see what some are trying to do here in this country – you still have some freedoms, but they are being eroded and my feeling is that if things continue to go down the path they are right now, you will have a country that is worse than anything Europe has….you do not want that. This country is a beacon in a dark world, I am not a citizen and will not give up my own citizenship for various reasons, mostly because I cannot betray my own country by renouncing my allegiance, and for the reason that if anything happened to my husband I would not stay here, we would go home, because not driving and not feeling 100% at home here I would need to go somewhere I was comfortable – but I value what you have here and I am very alarmed at what I see happening. The people of the US are a good decent people, and the majority I feel don’t see the insidious erosion of freedoms as a problem, especially when it is couched in the idea that a freedom is going away for our own wellbeing. These are dangerous times, and the country that is being shaped seems to be one where individualism is not welcomed and embraced, and where homeschoolers will not be allowed to flourish because that fosters too many things that the far left cannot have. Teaching underground is also not easy, far better to peacefully fight for your rights now in every way you can, than to have to fight later when it will not be tolerated. You have no better chance than this coming election to try and change things for the better – though even then it will be an uphill battle. Embrace your constitution, remember what the first Americans wanted and why they came here…I am glad my father who fought in Anzio and Mone Casino, then under Montgomery in El Alamein and in Germany finally where he helped liberate the camp at Bergen Belsen is no longer here to see what the world is becoming….he would be horrified, so if his generation who fought for freedom would be horrified, imagine what your founders would be feeling right now… can be stopped, but people will have to stop burying their heads in the sand to save your freedom. Do it now, as the people of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc can tell you, doing things underground is almost impossible, the punishments horrific. My family in the Eastern part of Germany when the wall came down, were like helpless children, they had forgotten how to think, how to do anything for themselves. They struggled with freedom, because for so long it had been taken from them. My younger cousins were like fish out of water, not having a clue how to fend for themselves, they had been told what to do and when for so long. They were afraid to speak, and after a year or two, they were saying they wish they still had communism – as they really could not cope with the new freedom they had….this was mostly with the older ones…they are still struggling. Defend what you have now, never take your freedom for granted, the day you do, is the day you are helping your children lose their own in the future.


    Regarding that article about the arrest of a dad in Canada because his kindergartener drew a picture of a gun, am I correct in assuming that Canadian citizens are not allowed to own firearms? That could happen here in the U.S. if we allow the Constitution to be misinterpreted. (Some will tell you that our “right to bear arms” only applies to use as part of a militia, not private ownership.)

    I was further outraged at the handling of this incident when I read this quote in one of the articles:

    “From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in a home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Children’s Services.

     So why didn’t the school officials actually have a conversation with the parents and child? They might have then discovered that it was a Nerf gun with foam darts and avoided this nonsense!

    Oh, I forgot….when it comes to parents, most child rights advocates apply the presumptions “guilty until proven innocent,” a.k.a. “untrustworthy until proven honest” and “ignorant until proven intelligent.”

    I also saw a government official in Canada discussing this case say that parents, teachers and the government co-parent the children!!! I don’t need anyone co-parenting – that is outrageous.


    I agree….I don’t recall inviting the government to share the baby-making process (as my younger two would say, “ewwww!”), and I know I don’t want/need them to co-parent my children!

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