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    I have tried different approaches to learning with my kids and unit studies seem to work best.  I know this does’t follow what CM said, but for us it works.  I have been look at trail guide to learning and beautiful feet.  Has anyone used either of these?  what are the pros and cons? How much time in a day? How much tweaking was necessary for you?   Also, I have a Noeo Biol 1 from a couple of years ago that my kids weren’t ready for, but it would probably work now.  Would it work well with these?We’ve been currently doing Module 2 for history, and it isn’t working well, so we are just doing the geography and bible portion of it until we are done.  My kids love to read to themselves. DD 8 loves Little House type books, and DS 6 likes any kind of nature/animal type book.Thanks,Paula, trying to figure out next year.


    I have looked at Trail looks great! I even almost decided to go with it last yr! I was able to view it at a HS convention. And if I wasn’t so gung ho on CM, I would do it! I think it is very thorough for a Unit Study!

    Have you considered lapbooking? We add these w/ our studies. And if I were leaning on Unit Studies, I would consider using these! There are some great ones at You could read a book/books and then create your own lapbook. has some great templates as well as some unit studies already done for you! And if you are wondering about Bible, there are some great lapbooks as well as notebooking pages for that too!

    Have you ever done the Prairie Primer? I have heard great things about that too!

    I really didn’t help that much! Hope you figure out what you want to do!! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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