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    Could someone who uses Truth Quest please explain how The Big Two Beliefs works?

    Is it just to get the student to start thinking about the main ideologies guiding an individual/group and there is no tight or wrong answer? Or does the authour of the guide have her views that are ‘the right’ answer?

    I know these guides are written by a Christian but do her specific doctrines come through?

    We are Christian but I’m not sure of guides that teach specific religious doctrine because I  dont know where our beliefs would line up or diverge…does that make sense?

    What I do like is the thought of questions being asked that are open ended and gets the student to think but wilallow the individual to come up with a conclusion that is compatible with their beliefs?

    Is there a strong emphasis on providence or destiny because this is where my beliefs differ from some?

    I have looked at the samples in the past and will take another peek into them.

    I’d appreciate any and all insight.😊


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>We used it years ago. I liked her comments. I don’t remember disagreeing a lot, but it was a long time ago. I switched to something else for other reasons.</p>
    As I remember the idea was to teach kids how to see the author’s worldview, not teach doctrine specifics.


    The big 2 beliefs are for you to ask of each civilization, “Who is God, and therefore who is mankind.” For example, what did the Ancient Romans believe about God? That influences what they believed about mankind (devalued human life, treated slaves as if they weren’t human, believed in many gods and you just had to appease them. Etc.

    I personally love studying history this way and asking those questions as they do really shape society and inform our understanding of history.


    Thank you, that is helpful. What other types of Qs does she ask?

    I have looked at samples but still trying to wrap my head around it.


    I am using the ancient Rome book right now. There’s a lot of commentary about what was going on during ancient Rome. There are Think Writes where she asks questions that you are supposed to ponder and answer and can possibly write an essay about. There are sample answers to the Think Write questions in the back of the book. The Think Writes have been about helpful in guiding the kids to think more deeply. We are at the time in history when Jesus was born. My kids and I have a good understanding of the spiritual and political climate in the Roman Empire at the time. We have learned what people said about Augustus Caesar, basically calling him the savior of the world, how and why the Roman public worshipped him, and how God chose this time in history to have Jesus come. It has been awesome! History is our favorite subject and using living books has been so good for us. How old are your kids? If you want more info. Feel free to email me.  foreternity3 at gmail dot com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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