Too long at school or Spelling

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    We have 4 children.

    I have been using All About Spelling (AAS) levels 2 and 3 currently with my 2 school aged children (3rd and 2nd) grade. I like it and it seems to be working fine. Neither can really “spell” much yet but they are young and they do seem to be progressing.

    With that in mind, the school day is taking too long. We start around 8:30 and with a short lunch break aren’t done till 3 many days. Some of it is dwadling and some is the toddler and baby.

    We do All About Reading(oldest is finished) and RightStart math(which I love) so alot is mama heavy. Handwriting for both and Grammar for (3rd grader) are mostly independent. We do Bible, history, science, spanish, ect together for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

    It just seems like an independent spelling might help. I don’t have any with dislexia that I know of. They both can read chapter books like Childhood of Famous Americans or Little House in the Big Woods. However, they both mix up b, d, p sometimes bet are improving and sometimes flip words when reading.

    Any thoughts On shorter days or spelling???? I’m considering Spelling by Sound and Structure and Building Spelling Skills, I’d even look at an old speller. I’m open to about anything now….

    I want time to do preschool with the toddler and art projects and more just fun time together….they are growing up fast!


    Daily Spelling Practice has short lessons.  Cathy Duffy has a review.


    We used that a bit, but my daughter needed a different style, so we went back to Spelling You See.

    Once mine can write each letter well, we drop formal handwriting and just use Spelling You See because it includes daily copywork.

    Queen’s Homeschool has a Spelling copywork book, but it wasn’t enough practice for this particular child.


    Forgot to add that we do a cursive program once each is ready.

    Tamara Bell

    Learning to spell properly often takes time for most children.  Charlotte’s method to teaching spelling came through learning to read and  reading practice as well as taking over many of their readings for subjects as they are able, careful copy work transitioning to transcribing and later studied dictation.  For many children, this is enough.

    Transcription generally began around grade 3 (some children will naturally begin transcribing around grades 2) with studied dictation becoming part of a student’s weekly subject around 4th grade.

    We have a couple blog posts that discuss spelling, copywork, transcription, and dictation that may be helpful.

    Copywork, Transcription, Dictation

    Teaching Spelling

    The Power of Dictation (a 3-part series)



    “the school day is taking too long. We start around 8:30 and with a short lunch break aren’t done till 3 many days. Some of it is dwadling and some is the toddler and baby.”

    For scheduling, this podcast was super helpful!  I highly recommend it.  They addressed the issues you described.  I wouldn’t change the spelling program if it is working for you.  We have had success with CM methods, but use what works for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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