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    I am considering using the SCM Curriculum Guides for the first time next school year for my 1st grader.  How long does it typically take to complete all the lessons for a day (using all 3 guides)?  Looking at the sample pages I was able to download, it looks like it would take the entire day to complete everything, but all of the well-versed CM homeschoolers I know, say CM methods should only take a couple hours at most.

    Also, when she’s in 2nd grade, how is the curriculum different?  It looks like I do the exact same lessons for the first 3 years at least, but that can’t be right.

    Karen Smith

    Our lesson plans are set up to cover a wide variety of subjects in a week without it taking all day. The Enrichment Studies lessons take about 1 hour each day to complete. History, geography, and Bible guide lessons should take about 20 minutes each day for a 1st grade student. Math should take about 15-20 minutes daily. Language arts should take 5-20 minutes a day, depending on which track your child is following. Science should take 15-20 minutes twice a week, with additional time for nature study once a week. Adding up all the times gives you 2 to 2-1/2 hours for school work each day for a 1st grade student.

    For 2nd grade you would choose the history time period that comes after the one you studied for 1st grade. For example, if you do Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt for 1st grade, you would do Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece for 2nd grade. For the Enrichment Studies, different artists, composers, poet, handicrafts, etc. will be chosen for 2nd grade. If you are using Enrichment Studies, Volume 1 for 1st grade, then do Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 for 2nd grade. For Individual Studies for 2nd grade, you will choose a different science study, work on the next level of your chosen math curriculum, and continue working on reading and handwriting skills.


    Ok, that is very helpful.  Thank you for that explanation.  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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