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    My son will turn 3 in March and loves Thomas the Train. Does anyone have any experience with the original Thomas books written by Rev. W. Awry? I don’t know how to tell if these are twaddle or not.




    I haven’t read them, but I do think the original are NOT twaddle…. but the ones setup to follow the TV show I think are.

    Rachel White

    The original ones are most certainly not twaddle and have that British feel to it. The newer ones are like the Step readers and paper books; I never let my son read the new ones, but he cherishes his Complete COllection of TT Stories. We bought him the entire collection when he was 2 and he used to just flip through the pages at 2! He read them so much through the years, we had to get him a second Complete Collection of the 26 stories, because the first one fell apart! Both we bought as good, used copies.

    Here’s what we got him:Thomas the Tank Engine:The Complete Collection

    You may find it elsewhere(it’s at Amazon, I’m sure others), but the over shown in the above link is the complete collection with the origianal stories. The only thing I ever had to say about that I can recall is the frequent use of the word “stupid”, which we discourage strongly here.



    I have a couple of each type. What makes the new ones twaddle and what makes the old ones not twaddle? Sorry to be dense. 🙂 I also noticed the use of the word stupid but I do like how he can sit through the stories and follow them. I guess I should get rid of the new ones then. I just wish I could tell when I buy books what is okay and what’s not…

    We have enjoyed both the old and newer versions.  I think I still have Stop, Train, Stop! memorized because when my son was 3, I had to read it every day to him.  Our wooden rail set was a good investment too as all 3 of my children have played with it for hours and hours.  I have never liked the word “Twaddle” and I don’t personally use it.   Certainly, some books are better than others, but it is often a matter of personal choice.


    Thank you all for your help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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