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  • We used to be able to use Rosetta Stone online for free several years ago through our library, but then Rosetta Stone changed their policy and no longer allowed libraries to subscribe.

    I really loved the program, but I knew we could not afford to buy it. I did look at Tell Me More, but again cost was prohibitive.

    I was so stressed about what I’d use for my oldest, who will be in 10 grade this fall. I kept praying and asking for wisdom from the Lord.

    In the past few weeks, I got my answer and I’m so excited that I had to share.

    I found out our library has a new program called Mango that is free for us to use. It is comparable, though not as comprehensive as Rosetta Stone, but I love that it is interactive and all on the computer.

    My daughter will be doing the Mango French this year.  Then I found out about a great card game called Lingua Fun French through a blog I happened to find when I was googling for something else. I love when that happens.

    I had already previously found a French Children’s Bible, a French Children’s Storybook, and a French New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs at Goodwill in the past few years.

    So I put them all together to make our own tailor-made French program. My daughter will be able to learn to read French because the children’s stories and Bible stories are familiar to her already. I’m going to have her do copywork from the NT and Psalms & Proverbs. The whole thing cost about $10 total!

    I just love when the Lord answers prayers so clearly and transforms my thinking to think in new ways.



    That’s great!!  Glad you were able to find something that’ll work for you without breaking the bank.


    What great finds, Nanci, and thanks for passing along this information!  I’m hoping they have Mango for other languages as my oldest wants to add German this year.

    We have two summer work exchange students from Russia staying with us until September.  Completely unplanned, this is proving priceless for our boys’ language skills as they do everything with their Russian “big brothers.”



    Mango has many different language choices…I know they do have German, Italian, Hebrew, Greek and many others.

    I heard (was it a post on SCM??) that even if your own library does not have it for free, you can often find another library in your area or state that will allow you to use theirs online for a nominal fee.


     What a great learning experience having native Russian speakers in the house!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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