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    We are on lesson 6 in the Matthew – Acts guide.  My Then and Now Maps does not align with the map listed in the guide.  What version is it I need.  I’d really like to know the fascinating fact!  I tried downloading the kindle version for 99 cents but it didn’t have it either.  




    bumpin this up


    I’ve had problems locating things on the maps that the guide says should be there too. Sorry, not much help here, but it might be good to let SCM know if something isn’t lining up for future editions of their module guide.

    Sonya Shafer

    Polly, the map is numbered 12 in my version; 11 is the plastic overlay for it. It’s called “Holy Land – New Testament” and has a “Life of Jesus” listing on the opposite page. Does that help you locate it?


    Sonya, mine is not like that at all. My copyright date is July 2011, sixth edition. What version do you have?


    I am placing my order NOW for Module 6.

    Does SCM recommend Then and Now maps, eclusively> I don’t have my book yet to know what to buy. I’d like to start prepping. But if things don’t line up, as mentioned above, i might go crackers.



    Sonya Shafer

    Mine is copyright 2005. It doesn’t say which edition. Frown  Looks like they updated it without our knowledge.

    Do you have any maps in it that show the Holy Land during the Life of Christ? I’ll order an updated copy, but I don’t want to leave you hanging until it arrives.

    Sonya Shafer

    Kelly, this resource is not used in the Modern Times study, so you should be fine. It’s used during the studies that cover Genesis through Acts.

    Sonya Shafer

    Polly, I just went to order the updated version and have a question. Is this the one you have: the Deluxe version? If so, it lists in the Contents down below an entry that says “The Holy Land during the time of Jesus (and a list of where Jesus walked).” That sounds like the map you need.


    Sonya, That is the version I have.  Mine has a may called:  Holy Land – New Testament.  On the facing page there is a timeline of NT and World history.  I don’t see anything that has “fascinating facts” as the manual indicated.  I am wondering what the fascinating fact is.  🙂  It did help us to figure out how far Nazareth is from Jeruselem.  

    Thank you for you help.  I can take a picture of it and send it to you if that helps.



    I have the Deluxe Then and Now copyright 2007. I just skimmed the new Mod. 1 and the only map I found mentioned lines up. If that’s helpful. 


    The Beginnings to the Exodus – OT

    • Middle East Then and Now – p. 3-4
    • OT Time Line
    • Abraham’s Journeys
    • Journeys of Jacob and Joseph
    • The Exodus
    • Map of the Tabernacle

    The Conquest of the Promised Land to the UK – OT

    • Holy Land – 12 Tribes Then and Now
    • Judges and Prophets of Israel
    • Holy Land – UK Then and Now
    • The Jerusalem of King David and Ding Solomon

    The Divided Kingdom to the Persian Empire – OT

    • Holy Land Divided Kingdom Then and now
    • Prophets of the OT
    • Assyrian Empire Then and Now
    • The Kingdoms and King Nebuchadnezzar
    • Babylonian and Persian Empires Then and Now

    The Lif of Jesus – NT

    • NT Time Line
    • Holy Land NT then and now
    • Life of Jesus
    • Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus
    • The Tomb of Jesus

    The Spread of Christianity – NT

    • The Journeys of Peter and Philip
    • List of Paul’s Travels and Missionary Journeys
    • Paul’s Journeys Then and Now
    • Paul’s Early Travels
    • Paul’s missionary journeys and journey to Rome
    • Letters Written by Paul to Churches and Pastors – p. 37
    • The Expansion of Christianity by AC 325 – p38

    Sonya Shafer

    The fascinating facts page is titled “Life of Jesus,” then says “Fascinating facts: Jesus went to Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. . . .” then farther down, “When Jesus was 12, he walked 64 miles (103 km) from his home in Nazareth to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover (Luke 2:42). Then he walked home with his family, making a round trip of 128 miles (206 km).”

    Hope this helps!


    I have the Deluxe with a copyright of 2008, with a printing date of 2012, sixth printing.  The “Life of Jesus” sheet is on page 27, with the map entitled “Holy Land-New Testament:  Then and Now on pages 25-26.  There is a Fascinating Facts section on the page with the copyright information, which has the first fact Sonya gave listed.  I may be missing it, but the second fact about Jesus walking from Nazareth to Jerusalem does not appear to be in this edition…  It does say he went to Jerusalem for the Passover at age 12, but does not give the distance (this is on page 27 as part of the timeline).

    We have not had this resource very long as we mainly used the Student Bible Atlas last year.  This resource has been very helpful for me in my own Bible studies.  Very much worth it.  After reviewing the maps of the land designations for the tribes, I just realized yesterday that I had it completely wrong about the area Ephraim was given!  For years I have thought it was in Northern Israel, but it is actually in the area that comprises the modern day West Bank.

    I was planning to order this today…. Would love to hear any conclusive decision of which of the many versions to choose for this. 


    Mysterious – send you a PM.

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