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    I’m having a difficult time understanding and then teaching the schwa sound to my daughter. I’m hoping someone can simplify the concept for me. So far I think that it’s a sound like “uh” instead of a short or long vowel sound. Is this correct? How do you incorporate this into phonics? I never taught this to my 16 yr old. We read Jessie Wise’s book on phonics and then he took off reading. My daughter is needing much more help and we’re using Logic of English. She’s progressing very well but this topic has thrown me for a loop. Thankful for any thoughts.


    The schwa is basically a short “u” sound, but it can be made by a,e,o and u.

    Here’s an article that might be helpful.


    Not sure if this helps or not, but a friend of mine helped her kids spell by telling them to pronounce words they were unsure of as though they were British. The vowels sounds are more clear and you eliminate the lazy “uh”. Silly, but fun and effective.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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