Ten words that start with C, Joshua-Malachi

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    For term three exam questions in module 3, the student is asked to summarize the main events of Joshua-Malachi with words beginning with C. What ten words did you or your kids come up with to list? My daughter, who is in 9, is a little overwhelmed by the question.

    Any other substitute exam questions you may ask a nine year old?


    I’ve not done that module with SCM but maybe the overwhelming part is the number 9?  Change it!

    However, things that come to mind for that time period to me (not having done the module) would be

    Conquering Jericho (or Crossing the Jordan River)

    Children in Sparta and Athens (how different the two were)

    Chasing David (King Saul chasing him)

    Choosing a new king (Prophet Samuel choosing)

    Choosing wisdom (Solomon)

    Conquering countries (Alexander the Great)

    and so on.

    Other possible questions:

    Share what you feel are major events from the time Joshua and the Israelites conquered Jericho to the rise of the Greeks.

    Tell how Alexander the Great impacted Greece and the surrounding countries.

    Explain how you see God working with his people over this time period.

    Compare _____ and _____.  Maybe King David and Alexander the Great or King Saul and King Solomon, or Esther and Joshua.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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