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    I have heard Truthquest mentioned here quite a bit. Is this a whole history curriculum? Do you use it alone or as a supplement? I was thinking about using what SCM recommended for History/Geography/Bible but I am curious about Truthquest. Can I use it instead of the Genesis through Deuteronomy or would it be best to use it in addition?

    I would hate to complicate things with more books that had to be taught if it isn’t necesssary.

    I hope you could understand my questions, it is late and mom is tired!


    I think I understand your question, but there’s no definite answer:) People use TQ in many ways.  It can be a stand alone history program.  It’s basically a huge booklist w/biblical commentary on the major topics of history…talking about who God is and how man has responded and the consequences of that. 

    However, I prefer it as a wonderful supplement.  I would have a hard time planning my year and staying on track w/just TQ.  The booklist is so huge it would be difficult for me to narrow and finish a guide in a reasonable amount of time!  That’s what I love about SCM.  It gives me an idea on how many books we can reasonably finish in a year.  What I did last year was use mostly SCM books and pencil checked them in my TQ guide, plus added in a couple other TQ ‘don’t miss’ books…and some of the TQ movie rec.’s.  It took a bit of work to plan out my year, but was a great year.  The previous year I didn’t plan and it felt crammed at the end of the year to get it all done!

    Next year, I’d like the planning mostly done for me, so I plan to buy the SCM guide and just write in the TQ commentary in the margin where it applies.  And probably add in a few more books.  I don’t know if that helps any…but my opinion is that SCM and TQ work great in conjuction w/each other.  TQ for the commentary, and SCM for the structure!  Blessings, Gina


    Gina says it perfectly … that’s exactly how we use TQ, which is not-to-be missed in our home. We use SCM as our foundation and TQ brings us special books, videos, and such and the commentary for us is exceptional and deeply rooted in Christ. Together, SCM and TQ are incredible and simple and meet my kids where they’re at with every topic. TQ as a stand alone would be wonderful, too, but the planning to stay on track would be really hard for me, and I’m a planner to a fault … plus our library system is mediocre at best, so I rely on Amazon Prime and used book finds for our living books, making SCM much wiser and still rich, while spicing it up just a bit with TQ.


    I use TruthQuest as a stand alone history curriculum and I absolutely love it! The TQ book you purchase is full of commentary and booklists for major events in that time period, chronologically. The commentary is Biblical and brings the focus on history being HIS-story. It’s all about God’s providence in history. I find planning easy for me using some of the schedules that a few ladies from the TQ yahoo group have graciously shared. However, I follow it loosely. I don’t have a hard time choosing what books to use as they are listed in the guide by a recommended reading alone level. Plus, I am fortunate to have a great library system and have only had to purchase a book myself maybe 3-4 times so far. For all major topics chronologically there is a short commentary and then booklists which include non-fiction and fiction selections. And sometimes there are movie recommendations or recommendations for books with activities. At the beginning of the guide Michelle lists several spines that can be used with that guide if you prefer to have that alongside of reading the books or even to read alone on some subjects.

    We pair our daily readings with the Journey Through Learning’s Binder Builder which they have made to coincide with each TQ book. Actually, you buy them directly from TQ. At the end of the TQ book we are working on, my daughter will have a 3 ring notebook with all the things she documented that were important to her. There is also a Maps and Timeline packet made by AJTL that you can purchase from TQ too. I believe it has notebooking pages in that download as well. All the supplements are made specifically for the TQ guides.

    I hope that helps a little. Again, we love it and know for sure that this will be our history curriculum indefinitely. (Well, unless God has other plans!)



    This was my reply to a similar question a few weeks ago. Hope it helps a little.


    I’ve used TQ since they were hot off the press (literally) many years ago.  I will never use anything else because TQ gives my children (and me) what I was looking for in studying history – a worldview focus.  Every person, culture, time period is studied looking at what Michelle calls “the Big 2 Beliefs.”  Who is God?  Who, then, is mankind?  The way those questions are answered have serious consequences for good or bad.  That is the foundation for all study in TQ and it’s exactly what I want my children to leave with.  My oldest is almost 22 and in college.  He enjoyed history well enough while we were studying it but is a math/science guy and (didn’t think) he had paid that much attention.  He came in from classes one day last year and told me some things he had been confronted with and said if it had not been for the way he learned history and his ability to see things based on the core beliefs, he would not have been able to stand against them and be a witness to boot.  It’s happened several times since then as well.  THAT’s what I’m after and I credit God and TQ for it.  We’re living in hard times and being able to discern the forces behind it all will be critical for our children.

    Sorry…I’ll step down now.  Smile  I haven’t used or even seen the SCM modules and I’m sure they’re fabulous.  Love everything else they do.  This is just one area I won’t give up.  Plus since I have the lending library, most of the books in the TQ guides are at my fingertips so that’s not a challenge as it is with some.

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