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    I am now in a season of life where my home is overfilled with teenagers.  I thought I liked teenagers, until I became outnumbered and overwhelmed by them!  I do try to find the good in each season, but I must say that right now I am rather at the end of my ability to deal with it.

    My teens, a son, 19( in college, but living at home), a daughter, 17 , and another daughter, 13, are mature and responsible.  They do not act disrespectfully nor do they have bad attitudes.  I am just overwhelmed by the constant drama and every time I turn around I am navigating with them through a life decision.  At least when they were little and I’d had enough, I could look forward to their 8 pm bedtime!  Now they stay up later than me and want to talk about something at 10:30 pm!  I love them dearly and am committed to helping them transition fully into adulthood, but this is certainly not for the faint of heart!

    I would love to hear some encouraging words and advice from moms who have waded these waters successfully.



    I only have two teens, dd16 and ds13. My others are dd10 and ds7. However, I hear you. I’m a night owl, but that has always been the quiet time in my house. Now, more often than not, I’m chatting with dd16 late. I am so thankful for these talks and our closeness, but the life decisions and discussions are certainly weightier than our bedtime talks once were. It is not for the faint of heart! Just know others are walking this path, too.




    Except for the number and ages of your children, I could have written your post! Parenting teenagers is wonderful but, oh so hard! My son just turned 22 and he has outgrown much of his teenage tendencies but not all. He is still living at home as well but is in the process of trying to purchase his first home. I don’t know whether to be sad or glad-mixed feelings of both, I suppose. My daughter is 15 and sweet and amazing and loves the Lord, but Oh! The drama! It is nothing compared to normal teenage drama (thank you Lord!) but it is still overwhelming to constantly be having such serious conversations dealing with such tough topics! Then the drama over little things that all of us adults know won’t matter a hill of beans this time next year.

    It is certainly exhausting.

    Know that you are not alone! My biggest piece of advice for myself and others, is that we must do our best to stay calm and focused, refusing to jump on the teenage rollercoaster of emotional, hormonal craziness! They so need us to be a rock when they cannot be, to be firm and solid and faithful. However, it is so hard! I struggle with this on a regular basis. Sometimes, I manage this, by the grace of God, but more often, I find myself swept along for the ride.

    As both of you have already stated, parenting teens certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! We desperately need each  other’s support and prayers.

    I was thinking the other day of starting a thread where we share some of the things that parents should expect as a normal part of adolescence. I had no idea what to expect from my teens! I knew that I did not want to raise them as I was raised and that my own teenage years were not a good measuring stick for this purpose.

    I read all the books about raising teens from the homeschool gurus that were popular years ago and thought my teens wouldn’t experience any of the issues that more worldly teens wrestle with. My teens would be perfect young ladies and gentlemen. Ha! Little did I know. I think they are pretty awesome but the teen years are a bit rocky for everyone. They just are! It’s a rough thing, transitioning from child to adult, and I suppose we should expect some large bumps along the way.

    I find myself rambling a bit. These are just my thoughts about raising teens on a rainy Wednesday morning with only half a cup of coffee in me.

    Blessings and Prayers,



    Thank you, ladies.  I am always thankful that God does not show us too much ahead of time.  Had I known how hard parenting would be, I would have never done it.  And, oh, the joys I would have missed.  I need to remind myself of the joys when the trials get to be too much!


    It’s a beautiful thing!  A balancing act too.  It’s ok to sometimes bow out gracefully when you need sleep.  Just be aware that that conversation won’t come up again in the same,  open way.  It’s a trade off.  As long as you aren’t bowing out every night it will be ok.

    My oldest is 22, and it’s worth it!  I love that we enjoy talking, and he chooses to live with us.

    Pray for naps;)


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