Teaching Spanish using picture books and audio/video

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    My daughter will be in 6th grade.  We have used Five in a Row unit studies and CM methods.  In first grade, she watched all 30 Salsa Spanish free episodes.  She has watched Little Pim Spanish after that.  She has picked up quite a bit of the language from these immersion videos.  I printed the script for Salsa Spanish so she can use that along with the episodes again this year.  How often should she follow the script?  Does she read it out loud to the audio from the video?  Should this be the same episode daily the whole week and then move on to the next one?  Should she copy down sentences from the script too?


    I also have Spanish Scholastic Story time Treasures dvd for Curious George Rides a Bike and four other stories and a 50 Story time Classics set Animal Antics which has five books in Spanish.  We already had half these books, so this was a low cost choice.  We like to study picture books and she likes to write.  She wants to be a published author.

    I need help in scheduling how to use these resources.  She needs to be very familiar with the English story, then learn the Spanish.  How many times should she watch/listen to it?  How often?  Should she be saying it right along with them?  What about copywork in Spanish?  How much and how often?  Should these Spanish stories be memorized?  Can I alternate Salsa Spanish one week and then a picture book the next week, or is it better to use all of Salsa Spanish one term and then all the picture books another term?

    Thanks in advance for sharing any knowledge or experience on teaching foreign language.



    We use the Salsa episodes for Spanish as well, but something that may be helpful to you is the dept of education of Wyoming has full lesson plans to be used in conjunction with the salsa episodes! You can find them here: https://edu.wyoming.gov/educators/standards/foreign-language/

    They are listed by episode under “Salsa materials”.  I don’t follow them exactly but I do use them for ideas. We study one episode over the course of one to two weeks, watching the episode twice per week, and the other days we do activities in the lesson plans or vocab review related to that lesson (so we do Spanish every day mon-fri 10-15 min). We start the week off by watching the new episode for the week. Each episode has “target vocabulary”, words that are repeated multiple times, kind of like the words of the day, like “grande” and “pequeno”. But the lesson plans also have other vocab and phrases used in the episode as well and these are what are often covered in the daily lesson plans. I really do like them and when I’m following them 🙂 , my kids learn a lot! I feel like you could get through all the episodes and start back at the beginning again and keep building with more and more phrases. I also bought this spanish book to use in addition to salsa this year: https://www.amazon.com/Spanish-Language-Learner-DK-Publishing/dp/0756682568

    that has common conversational phrases and so I may take a day or two per week to just work on that stuff.


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