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    I am feeling led to teach the constitution to my 8th grade daughter this year.  Here is what I am leaning towards.

    1.  The Constitution Rocks

    2.  Dave Raymond’s American History

    3.  Constitution Alive

    4.  Various living books

    I was wondering if anyone has had success in teaching the constitution to their kids and would like to share their experience ; )





    I have no idea b/c mine are younger and we have not done an in-depth study. But something that caught my eye in a catalog yesterday was the DVD set by Michael Ferris. There’s a workbook too.  Have you looked in the bookfinder for resources?


    It’s not something we’ve done yet, my high schooler will do that in 11th (she’s 10th this year). YOu may get some ideas on a simple framework by browsing Teachers Pay Teachers for “Constitution”.

    Another option is to simply read it paragraph by paragraph and have them look up words they don’t quite understand, discuss with you, or narrate what that one paragraph is about (oral or written). I would lean toward written narration of each paragraph because if they do it in a notebook then when you finish the study they will have the entire constitution written in their own words.


    Thanks for the heads up on the DVD, Bethanna.  I will have to check out book finder. I hadn’t thought of that.

    Tristin, I was actually thinking the same thing about taking one amendment and having her write it into her own works in a comp book.  The book The Constitution Rocks actually takes one portion at a time and helps the reader get a better understanding of what the Founders were thinking.  They even have some quotes from the federalists and anti-federalists about their stance on particular items in the document.

    I’m really hopeful about this.  My daughter seems interested, especially with it being a very pivotal election year.  She’s always been more interested in Science than History, so it’s nice to see her motivation toward things historical 😉


    Jay Wile (author of Apologia high school science books) had his daughter rewrite portions of the Constitution in her own words as well. He said colleges were super impressed by it.

    There are several living books out there dealing with the writing of the constitution. I believe H.E. Marshall wrote one. There’s a short one by Jean Fritz. I know there’s a Landmark book on the subject as well.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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