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    I can’t believe I’m even asking this, I feel like a traitor. HA! Has anyone successfully switched from AO to SCM and how did you do it? This schedule is SO MUCH lighter, I’m concerned I’m going to feel like I’m not doing enough.

    Help me figure this out. I have four kids currently finishing up AO Yr. 2.


    LOL! Well, first off you’ll want to decide if you want to bring them back together to do the same history (literature is easy) Didn’t many of your children do the same year anyway? I think I remember you saying that. So that may be an easy part for you.

    You know, I just don’t think that our schedule is any lighter than it was. We use different books in some instances, but we still read many books. Our school doesn’t “feel” much different except we have no arguments over mythology and fairy tales anymore. 🙂 WE have such a more peaceful atmosphere here. We still read a lot, but I feel better that it is things I WANT to read, rather than things I think I “ought” to read because it’s on the schedule. I did “import” a few things over with us, like we still read nature books on top of our science, we still do Plutarch, etc.

    I still use some of the categories on AO to make sure I’m still choosing a variety of things, to make sure I am still getting some biographies, some nature reading, etc.

    I don’t have time for more right now–if you have specific questions I’ll try to get back later today!

    Michelle D


    I am currently switching from AO this year, so we will be learning this together :). My dd (11Yr) finished AO4 and my ds(8 yr) finished AO2 this year after 2 years. I will still be incorporating some things, like doing World History at the same time as America History. I am currently working on my schedule, I think it’s still going to be a full one. What I like is the fact that the books are more age appropriate and my ds will no longer be giving me that deer in the head light look. He did not do well this last year and could not narrate very good on most of the books, except for ones that were more age appropriate, like leif the lucky. I also wanted my dd who is technically in the 6th grade to finish up Modern History this year and I wanted more ancient history next year. I am combining my dd and ds together this year, which I am most excited about. Because of the material we were covering, a lot of the funner stuff (nature study, art, music, handicrafts) fell to the wayside. So I believe we will have more time for these. So…How have I been doing it? I basically took SCM book lists and plugged them into my weekly schedule like I did with AO. Although I miss the books already being divided for me, it is easy enough to figure out. I counted 11 books for history for my ds alone, so divided it by 3, since I will be doing 3 terms 12 week each. Then, I just took the pages of the book and divided it by 12 ( Most of these books will not take that long). The literature part, we will be focusing on one book at a time and just read the one chapter a day that SCM suggests until we are done. I’ll let you know how it goes. Look forward to learning along with you :).



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