SW/ULW… finish all of the series?

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    Based on the placement test for SW, my 12 yo daughter should start in book 2. As I understand it, from reading other posts, the ULW book should be the same level (SW book 2 and ULW book 2). If we start 7th grade in book 2, and proceed at the suggested pace, that would put her using book 2 for 7-8th; book 3 in 9-10th and book 4 in 11-12th grade. Is it ok if we don’t make it to book 5? Or do we need to be more aggressive in our pace so we can “catch up” (I hate that term! No one likes “being behind”!!)

    For reference, she is an avid reader, but not a good speller. We have been using Rod & Staff English, which she dislikes. We’ve tried several different spelling programs, Spelling Power, Rod & Staff spelling and the latest, IEW’s Phonetic Zoo. She really struggles with spelling! I hope that the CM methods of Language Arts “connect” better with her.

    I appreciate any feedback!

    Tamara Bell

    Working through Books 4 will be perfectly fine and put your daughter well on her way to excellent spelling and English usage for life.  There is no need to get “aggressive” at catching up or feeling “behind.”


    Thank you, Tamara Bell! I appreciate the reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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