Supplementing Queens Language Lessons with Jr. Annalytical Grammar

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    I am really liking the gentle approach with Queen’s language arts and how it changes things up every couple lessons but in some ways I am not sure if it is enough.  There’s no diagramming or parsing for starters.  My DD (7th grade level) is doing great with ULW book 3 alongside Analytical Grammar as assigned, but my son (4th grade level) who started ULW book 1 lessons 70 and on started getting lost.  We did do the first half of ULW book 1 last year.  He’s not a sharp reader and some of the passages in SW seem above his comprehension whereas my DD is doing great with it.

    My question is, just how ULW uses AG as a supplement alongside it, could I do that with Queen and Jr AG roughly using a similar schedule without overdoing the seat work.  It seems the lessons in Queens are quick and I can do a few in one day and continue copywork in the Queen books which I think DS needs to continue outside of dictation which was also introduced to him this year.  Jr. AG, if cut into 2 years, could set him up for AG when he gets to 6th grade level.

    Hope this makes sense, lol…


    Karen Smith

    Using Language Well is a complete grammar/English course and does not need any supplementation. Using Language Well has the student parse sentences but not diagram them. We recommend Analytical Grammar as an option only if a parent wants her student to also learn diagramming.

    It sounds as if parsing or diagramming are not part of Queens Language Lessons, so you may want to supplement with Analytical Grammar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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