Summer for teens

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    We sold our house last year and we are living in an apartment while we house hunt.  My 14 year-old is doing some work for me, dog walking, chores and doing some Russian studies over the summer (his choosing).  However, I have asked him to come up with a schedule for himself so that he isn’t just wasting time but being productive.  He is helping with VBS this week, will continue with karate and will also do basketball camp in addition to family outings, meet-ups with friends, etc.  But on a day to day basis, I don’t want him just wondering around aimless.  It’s hard because he doesn’t have a place to play basketball outside or ride his bike.  I do what I can but I can only do family outings a couple of days a week.  I feel he has too much time on his hands right now.  Thoughts or suggestions or ways to encourage him to make good decisions about his time?

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