Subject in Scheduler Deleted?

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    Hi Sonja and team,

    I absolutely LOVE this site. Anyway, I recently started a trial with the CM organizer. I wish I would have started with it this fall. It is so convenient. I have a quandry though. I added a Picture Study subject to the scheduler. I added divisions for lessons pertaining to the different artists I want to cover. It came up the first week, but I noticed today it wasn’t on our print out. I went into our prior weeks records and clicked on Picture Study. It said it had been deleted! Do you know how this happened? Did I inadvertanly do something wrong? Please enlighten me someone, as I do not want to enter all that information again and have it disappear. Thank you so very much. Bridget

    Doug Smith

    We did some investigating and couldn’t completely figure out what happened, but we did see a possibility. It looks like you’ve had three versions of picture study resources. Is it possible that you may have added several in your testing then accidentally deleted the wrong one? That would certainly account for what you’re seeing now.

    If you have any other clues or want to give a play by play of how you’ve been using it, I’d be happy to investigate some more. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you prefer. doug [at] (replace the [at] with @)


    Thank you Doug. I certainly could have done what you are suggesting. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a common occurance I suppose. Thank you for looking into it.

    In Christ, Bridget Riedell

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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