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    Hi Ladies,

    I am the facilitator of a CM cooperative and our music teacher has chosen Stephen Foster as our composer for the spring term.  We are using Wheeler’s book for the 9 and under crowd which I used with my children a few years ago and loved! Our issue is finding a narrative form, living biography for our Form 2 and Forms 3 & 4 children.  We aren’t having any luck at this point.  Have any of you used a more mature book for a Stephen Foster study?


    The a Story of Stephen Foster by Esther M. Douty – this is a Signature bio good for grades 3 and up although great for older.

    He Heard America Sing by Claire Lee Purdy – this one is for probably grades 5+ and has snippets of Foster’s music like the Wheeler.  Both OOP, unfortunately but will hopefully be easy to find.

    There is also a Childhood of Famous Americans on Stephen Foster by Helen Boyd Higgins in case that helps someone else.




    Just looked, and both books Robin mentioned are available through Amazon.


    Thanks so much!!!  Life saver, both books look great.

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