starting spelling wisdom early?

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    Hi all. My daughter is 7 and I had planned on waiting another year or so before starting formal spelling lessons with her, focusing instead on more reading practice this year. However, I’ve noticed that she is really loving to write notes all of a sudden. She wants to make lists and notes of whatever random things come to mind and is constantly asking me how to spell things for it. I’ve also noticed a few words that she’s tried writing out on her own and misspelled. I’m wondering, should I go ahead and start spelling wisdom book 1 since she seems so intensely interested? If not, should I go ahead and correct any misspellings I notice? This is just something she’s doing on her own and not a part of school time, so I’m just unsure! Thanks!

    Karen Smith

    I would wait on Spelling Wisdom. Many children love to write in their free time and will misspell words. That is okay! If she asks how to spell a word, go ahead and spell it for her, but you don’t need to correct her misspellings with writing she does outside of school work. Right now she is enjoying getting her thoughts written out. That is a learned skill that doesn’t need the added burden of spelling the words correctly. Correct spelling will come as she grows.

    You can start beginning spelling lessons by having her spell a word or two from her copywork after she has finished writing it. Tell her before she does copywork that you will be asking her to spell one or two words when she is finished. If she cannot spell a word for you, then let her look at the word as she spells it so that she isn’t guessing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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