Starting in history with first grader (new to HS)

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    I haven’t read all the replies, but I thought I would tell you what I did for 1st, starting in ancients. I got these Veritas Press Cards I did not use the resources on the back of the Eygpt cards. We read the info on the back and used them as a timeline instead. I did use the resource for Bible on the back of the cards, The Child’s Story Bible by Vos (love). They tell you what pages to read in this.

    So for the Bible cards we used:

    The Child’s Story Bible by Vos

    Journey Through the Bible

    The True Story of Noah’s Ark

    The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible and Archaeologists Dig for Clues


    When we came to an Egypt card I just fit in these books; based on what the back of the card said:

    The Usborne Book of World History

    The Egyptology Handbook

    See Inside an Egyptian Town

    Boy of the Pyramids

    Mummies Made in Egypt

    Tut’s Mummy Lost and Found

    Seeker of Knowledge


    I hope you find what works for you guys.


    Excited, I just saw our library carries the “Old Testament Guide activity book.” Thanks so much for the tip, those sound like really fun ideas I’d love to do.


    With those of you who did module one with a first grader, did you use the then and now bible maps?


    Yes, we have used the maps.


    Thanks for the link to heartsandhands or whatever it’s called (I bookmarked it)…I think I will invest in that! Like I said I’m very interested in doing history chronologically like in the module. Tapestry of Grace also does it like that, but going through it in 4 years instead of 6. Their website was way too confusing for me though- seems more like a list of books and LOTS of them. Then you just pick and choose? Anyway being new to HS I need everything laid out for me.

    I really like the idea of reading some livingbooks related to the 4th of July since we’ll be doing our trial run around that time. I had actually decided to leave history out over the summer and focus on reading, math and writing. But we might do a little US history just with some fun reading. 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the input everyone. I am very indecisive by nature so this is going to be tough for me, picking everything. I’m agonizing over phonics and math curriculum now, ugh.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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