Spelling wisdom with dyslexia

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    We have a recent, but not surprising dyslexia diagnosis.

    My daughter learns well from forming pictures in her mind, so I would like to keep using dictation. We need a little more on top of that though to help with the dyslexia.

    Has anyone put together spelling rules to go with spelling wisdom bk 4?


    Not specifically for book 4, but a book like ABCs and all their tricks may let you do it….

    My possibly dyslexic child is using AAS so not much help there. He has a lot of trouble writing too so those long dictations would do him in;)

    I can look at my copy of ABCs and give you some rules if you do not have it. I have rules from my Orton Gillingham class taken long ago somewhere too…

    Another thing that may help are something like AAR phonograph tiles or app to help visualize the chunks in words. Also, color coading or marking trouble words can help….circle vowel teams, cross off silent e, color consonants red or blue (whatever matches your tiles) and vowels the other color.

    I am using ULaW and SW 1 part 2 with a 4th grade girl and so far I am liking it. I am having a bit of worry about not teaching all the rules, but she already learned them from using AAR to learn to read….well she just learned to read…..I think a lot of this was wasted on her, and she doesn’t remember it anyway. I figure if I want to I will give her a mini crash course in spelling rules in late middle school or high school.


    Now do you have any thoughts for helping my 5th grader have an easier time with writing? Spelling is phonetic but poor so that totally hinders writing and copying. He still copies a few letters at a time when he copies. When he writes a narration, whole syllables may be left out of words, but generally sentence construction is good like capitals and periods. His oral narrations are good.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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