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    HI all, hope you getting off to a good start for your school year. We are still in the planning season. We have had many mission trips and other fun activities that has put me behind this summer! I have a question on Spelling Wisdom? Does it matter if My DD12 is still using book one of Spelling Wisdom? I started her late in the CM and don’t see a lot of difference in books 1 and 2 just lengthier passages.



    Karen Smith

    It doesn’t matter that your daughter is using Spelling Wisdom 1. The grade levels for each book are only suggestions. What is important is that you choose the book that is appropriate for your daughter’s ability. If she is finding that the words in Spelling Wisdom 1 are too easy, either skip ahead to an exercise that has a few words she’s not sure she could spell correctly, or move her to another level of Spelling Wisdom.

    Keep in mind that each Spelling Wisdom book is two years worth of dictation exercises if you use them as recommended. Each Spelling Wisdom book starts with shorter dictation selections and ends with longer ones. It is not the length of the exercises that determines the difficulty of the level, but the words in the exercises.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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