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    Hi Christie – I was wondering what you are doing for spelling these days?    Did you stick with Spell to Read and Write?  All About Spelling?  Are you incorporating SW as well?




    Alicia Hart



    Hey there.  I’m not on here as much anymore, but popped on and saw this.  Well, I’m officially a dictation drop out.    My two older kids (16 and 13) LOATHED it. Dd9 didnt mind it at all, but I’m in a simplification mode this year.

    The 16 year old made big strides with phonetic zoo on her own and now isn’t doing any spelling. I just couldn’t keep up with swr or aas any more.  So currently:

    dd16 – no spelling other than in writing assignments

    ds13 – phonetic zoo

    dd9 – natural speller but using phonetic zoo

    ds7 – reading lessons through literature for reading and spelling which I plan to continue next level or two

    I’m not making any recommendations to anyone just sharing what is working for us in this season. Phonetic zoo is getting done consistently and is resulting in good progress so I’m going with it. 🙂


    Hi Christie,

    First, LOVE your new photo – you look fantastic!

    Second, my question… did you do ALL levels of Phonetic Zoo for your 16 year old?  I own the first level – tried it with my eldest two boys a few years ago when they were around 10 and 11.  It wasn’t a great hit, though I don’t remember the boys disliking particularly – I think I just questioned whether it was “working”….I confess, I may have given up on it too soon.  Anyway, wondering if I might give Phonetic Zoo a new shot for DS9 and (in a few years) with DD7.   I could even try going back to it with DS 13 and DS12, but I suspect I would need to put them at least in level 2.  Is your DS13 using level 2?




    Hi Angelina. Thanks for your kind remarks!

    DD16 only completed Phonetic Zoo level A. She would have benefited more from more levels, but was carrying a heavy load and something had to give.  That said, she’s doing well applying it to other work.  She is not a natura speller, but we’re saying good enough is good enough for this one.

    DS13 is about to finish level A and The plan is to complete B and C at this point.  He’s younger with less work so I think we can do it.

    DD9 just started level A.  She is a natural speller.  The plan is to do all levels at this point, but she likely won’t need it.

    DS7 will start with level A after a couple more books of what we’re doing.

    I like a strong phonogram based approach to teaching reading and spelling.  It makes sense to my mind.  I’m a natural speller who thinks words in phonograms. That said, SWR and AAS take too much time for me at this stage of life so PZ is working.  I love the idea of only dictation and I know it would be fine for dd9 and probably most kids done consistently.  Therein lies my problem.


    Thanks, Christie!  Appreciate all the details.  I too have been in the season lately of choosing things that I know will get done so I know what you mean.   The more self-teaching the product, the more it seems to fit the bill these days.  Although my boys didn’t mind dictation, they seem to love the independence of a self teaching product even more…so we are finding the balance between our “truly CM ways” and our other ways.

    Thanks again, Christie, for sharing.  It’s always great to hear from you 🙂


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